Sunday, July 13, 2014

In another World

In Another World

The dance studio was practically in Rossie's hands. She'd ran it for months now with her boss out of commission. Mrs. Jackson had a heart attack, and she was the most fit person that Rossie knew. Of course, the woman was like a mother to Rossie. If there was one good thing about Rossie, she could keep in step and had been dancing with Jazz's dance squad since she was a little girl. She'd been a captain a good many of those years and now she was running the studio.

Granted, it wasn't ballet they taught, but they stretched and they were definitely up for any dance battle in the mid-west. She'd hoped to talk to Jen about helping her. Jen had never been in a dance troup like this, but there were lot of cheerleading moves in the performances they did.

"So are you getting back with her?" Nic wanted to know who helped around the dance studio. Usually, keeping the place clean. Nic worked at the hospital as a janitor too.

"No." Rossie wanted to be there for Jen, but she knew Jen was definitely in love with someone else. "But, we're friends. I wanted to take her mind off things." That was where the dance studio came in. She knew some fiesty little girls who would be happy to have Jen teach them some moves she knew in cheerleading. "After that party, I dunno if she'll ever want to talk to me." Rossie shrugged, as if she'd understand if Jen didn't want to come to the old rundown strip mall, on the bad side of town.

The girls were gathering, some were as young as six while others were in high school. Rossie noted how they needed to stretch. She got on the floor to stretch with them while Nic went to check the fridge for more cold bottles of water.

Rossie blew a breath. She could bark orders just like her coach. Naturally, she reminded them how they needed to make Jazz proud at their next competition. A part of her felt as if she was on autopilot. Maybe she needed this time more than they did.

Yes, she had a sketchy past. She'd been in juvie. Even BoysTown for a little while, while growing up. She knew she needed to stop going to old haunts. She was better than that. And she certainly didn't want to frighten Jen.

Finally, Jen arrived. Rossie couldn't help but smile.

"Glad, you could make it." Rossie hoped Jen would find that helping these girls would be a good thing.


Beth said...

You are very talented!

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Rossie doesn't turn out to be a bad influence.


ivy said...

This might be a good thing for Jen to do.

ellie said...

Thank you so much!

Launna said...

This sounds like a really good thing for Jen to get involved it...