Monday, July 14, 2014

Just another Day

Just Another Day prt. 1

What had Vada got herself into? A part of her felt as if she'd fallen deeper into the unknown than she ever thought possible. Still, Leon and his cousin Marco, the designer, were a riot. While Leon, who did the photos, was a mess. Marco on the other hand was more of a mystery.

They spoke to each other in French and smoked way too many cigarettes. Then Leon would grin and say something in broken English that she was like watching American TV.

She was glad to have Alo with her. Although, she suspected he was bored, but he'd stayed all day during the shoot. Which possibly wasn't as high tech as the real thing at an uber modeling agency. Still, Leon got the job done and then wanted her to go out with them.

"Oh, I can't." It was exhilarating and exhausting. Still, she couldn't say she was a real model. Most of these photos were about Marco's day dresses, he was trying too..hoping for someone to buy his designs. He might have been cold in his demeanor, but she had a feeling his mind was full of ideas for more dresses to be made.

Still Leon insisted.

"Its what we do." He was all smiles as he gathered them together to the nearest bar. Vada felt so light headed. How in the world would she ever be ready to go back home? Oh yeah, she'd have to sneak back into the country. She didn't want to think about it.

Just another day prt.2

Josie didn't want to admit to anyone that she felt something for Sky. Didn't her heart belong to someone else?

It wasn't like Dean promised anything. She hated being in limbo, but she really did like being around Sky. And the Lynsy Sterling concert was not exactly what she expected. It was nice to dress up. Thankfully, Franny helped out with a suit for Sky, since he didn't have anything nice to wear.

"Its just I never go anywhere." Sky shrugged when he brought up that maybe he should wear a suit. That was also the day she noticed there was a library clerk position opening up. She mentioned he should apply.

He only smiled saying that would be out of the question. After she saw him in the dark suit and tie, she told him he had to apply.

"Wait a minute. They don't have to wear suits at the library." He winced, reminding her he didn't have to dress all fancy like Henry or Fish. Of course, most were women who worked there.

"It doesn't take much, for you to look nice." She told him he wouldn't have to wear a tie, all the time, just to the interview.

"I dunno, I'd just mess it up." He looked at her as if he should stick with his lot in life. But they'd had a nice time at the concert. She liked being his friend even if she punched him in the arm hard.

"Wake up." She looked at him wide-eyed when he winced with pain. For the first time she really understood goals. If anyone needed some, it was Sky.  "Dean went into the Army to better his life. You, can do this. You, deserve it."

She wanted to see Sky succeed even if she didn't know why.


Launna said...

Vada should be careful, she could get in over her head easily... I am glad Alo is still with her...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Fingers crossed for Sky!


Sara Gerard said...

Yeesh, Vada has a lot to thin about! I hope it works out for Sky, I am glad that Josie is fond of him!