Tuesday, July 15, 2014

around and around we go

Around and Around we Go prt. 2

Alo wasn't sure how to react, seeing Vada having fun with the French dude. He was pretty sure Vada was smitten by this Leon. After all, she was dancing with him at the bar. The place was thick with smoke and their were the  local favorite drinks and of course beer which Aloe preferred.

He didn't mean to look so neglected, but he caught her eye, and she dragged him on the dance floor even if it were jazz.

"I'm sorry. Promise, we'll do whatever you want to do, tomorrow." She hugged him close as if he really didn't have to do too much dancing.

"I talked to Henry." He finally confessed. It was best to get this done with, even if he was sure she wouldn't be holding on to him long.

"Henry?" She stared at him as if the name was too foreign to comprehend.

"Your family needed to know." He told her as he stared back.

"Why would you-"

"Because you wouldn't." He was even lipped. "I dunno what you're afraid of V. They love you. They don't want anything bad to happen to you."

She hugged him hard then as if he was the one she didn't want to let go.

Around and Around We Go prt. 1

Syreeta was lucky she wasn't grounded. Her parents didn't even know she was at the house party, but it wasn't long until they found out who was killed at the party. Cody's brother, Van.

Everytime, she heard the news on the TV, she thought of being there with Clive. A part of her wanted to tell him it was over, and she never wanted to see him again. But then the kitten would find her and be in her lap purring. Syreeta did think she was saving Clive from something.

She didn't think he was bad. There were so many good things about him. He was funny and so easy going. Actually, she liked doing nothing with him.

But did she really know him? She'd never gone to his house for dinner. She'd never met his parents. She didn't even know what his brother looked like.

She hated the idea of him being such a mystery. Or did she?

Yes, they were getting closer all the time. He'd even been to her room. Her parents weren't home. And yes, there was something a little bit like Holden about him. Syreeta now decided.

He kept her smiling, and every-time she was with him felt like an adventure.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

They're so adorbs together - I'm glad to see her happy!


Launna said...

I am glad Vada's parents know where is is and that she okay... Good that Alo told them and that she isn't mad at him :)