Wednesday, July 16, 2014

the pains of summer

The Pains of Summer prt. 1

"What are you doing?" Shan winced when he saw Bree getting ready to go out with Essie and Carson once again. She was starting to wear cute little summer dresses without the pastel leggings. Actually, she was starting to dress a bit like Essie.

Of course, it had been Essie's idea that Bree go to the Bible School at her church. At the time it sounded like a swell idea, until Shan realized where he'd seen Essie before.

At one of those parties he went to with Henry. She could party with the best of them, dancing in the dark until the cows came home, perhaps.

He so disliked her now. Who did she think she was?

"They said I was welcomed to tag along." Bree looked at him as if she'd be pissed if she couldn't go.

"Its not a problem." Carson smiled.

"We're you guys busy?" Essie sound all apologetic in her summer sundress with the tendrils of her romantic hairdo whispy around her face. Yes, she looked completely innocent, but Shan was pretty sure she could chug half a keg and then some of beer and lord knows what. But then again, they were only going to play a little golf, not some wild party in a barn.

"Not really." Shan sighed. "But..but I'm off tonight..I just..thought.."

"Well, you could come with us." Essie smiled as if she'd be happy if he went with them. She even told him to call Fish to see if he wanted to hang out too.

Shan mustered of a smile. He guessed he could, even if he didn't want too.

The pains of Summer prt.2

Halie wished live chatting with Gage was enough, but he wasn't here. Just when her mother kept telling her to be patience with life, she grew more impatient with everything.

Everyone was having fun but her. Well, maybe not Archie, who never said a word. He kept his head in a book. Why he came all this way on weekends, she didn't know. She wanted to scream. Throw a tantrum.

It just wasn't fair being stuck in the house. All summer. Even her dad was neglecting to call these days. He'd ran off with that school marm to Spain and got hitched. It was unbelievable. In fact, Halie didn't want to believe it.

And just when she was almost in a stomp and everyone could see her true colors of angst and bitterness, the doorbell rang.

"Oh, hullo." The man boy looked more man than boy. "Is your Dad home?"

First of all, she didn't have a Dad as far as she was concerned, but she knew it wouldn't matter to a stranger.

"DAD!" Her voice carried. And guess who showed up from the basement? Rufus.

"Jax!" Rufus wiped his hand on his old kakis and gave the beautiful guy a hug. "So, you changed your mind? Did you now?"

Jax grinned with the most spectacular teeth, and a shrug.

"Why not?" His smirk was cool and he looked the type who could wear rags and make them fab.

"Well then." Rufus was all grins once again as he put his arm around Jax with the unruly hair and the boy band stance. "Meet my new assistant."

Halie could hardly smile at the thought of that. This bloke was going into pest control. What was wrong with him?

Naturally, Rufus didn't introduce Halie. Instead, he pushed the poor thing off on Archie.


deb said...

If Shan has this gut feeling about Essie..he better go with it.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such awkwardness.


ivy said...

Poor Halie. Rufus is something.

Launna said...

It sounds like Essie likes Shan ...