Sunday, August 31, 2014

Finding the road not taken

Finding the road not taken

"I just don't know if I like this, at all." Camille said, but Josie wasn't really sure if she was listening as she was packing her bags, ready to go on this roadtrip.

"It will be fine." Josie gave her mother a dead stare.

"But there are wild fires, tornadoes, even earth quakes in Oklahoma." Her mother reminded her of all the stories she heard on the news.

Josie rolled her eyes as if her mother had to be kidding her.

"I think you just really want to get away with Sky, don't you?" Her mother smirked. "Maybe you two will end up on a dude ranch."

"Mom..I want to see Dean. I have to see Dean." Josie informed her as she dragged the suitcase to the curb.

"What is in there? A wedding dress or something?" Her mother teased.

"I dunno, what I'll need." Josie shrugged as she packed her things into the Silver Soul KIA. Granted it was a used car her father got her for college, even if college was still a semester or two away. She barely drove it to and from school and work. It was time to see just how well her baby, nick-named Louie, could do on the road.

"You'll need snacks. Can't have you spending a fortune. Besides, you'll need your money and change for the toll roads." Her mother brought out a grocery bag of nuts and pre-packaged cookies. Duncan brought out the cooler of bottled water and chicken salad sandwiches.

Yes, they were preparing her for this exhibition.

Of course, Josie felt herself in motion, yet a certain emotion was stuck on replay, thinking of Sky's kiss.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I just want to see Josie happy.


ivy said...

I think deep down..she wants to please people. But it always starts..pleasing yourself, too. It is hard to balance.

Launna said...

I hope Josie gets some closure with this trip to see Dean... she needs to move on...