Monday, September 1, 2014

where do we go from here

Where do we Go from Here

"Are you, even listening to me?" Gage was serious. He needed someone to listen. This whole fiasco with Mary just brought him closer to his Dad. "God, he spends all his freak'n time with me, now."

He was growing restless and Holden never brought up the kiss. They would never bring up the kiss. Never.

"Yeah, yeah..your old man cares about you." Holden was being indifferent and Gage swelled a frown. It wasn't even fun at work.  They were seriously short handed these days without Derrick. They had been for a while. Gage guessed there were cutback everywhere. But here, everything had been shiny and new until now.

Even working at the pizza station was getting dismal.

"Why do you get worked up about all this stuff?" Naturally, Matti was back and Holden was on good behavior. He saw her everyday. Some days she even showed up here.

"Because..." Gage was leaning into Holden by the counter. Must he remind him about his Halie predicament?

"So what are you two love birds doing?" A female voice said. Immediately, Holden and Gage jumped away from each other as if someone had caught them, together.

"Who are you?" Gage scrunched a face.

"I'm the new help." She smiled.

"She's in salads." Holden festered a look as if he knew exactly who she was.

Gage only squinted. How come? He hadn't noticed her?

"I'm Macy." She offered him a handshake, but he didn't have one for her. "Oh, I know you two." She mimicked a little hand jester that was their common practice out back by the bread cases.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Gage was ever so bitter that Macy was here to cramp their style.

"I dunno." She let a smile slip. It was a beautiful smile with her ever so plush lip. Gage thought he might pass out.


ivy said...

Looks like someone is smitten.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Gage is head over heels!


ellie's desk said...

Gage needs someone to knock him off his feet!

Launna said...

Gage is definitely interested... I think she is too...

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Haha poor Gage - he may be in over his head!