Sunday, August 17, 2014

its about time

its about time

Oh, that Martha was a go-getter. She did know how to plan a wedding. Especially, on a budget.

Lena was having the wedding in the park. They had found a space and the wedding would be over before the belly dancing commenced on Sunday afternoon.

As it was, it was a two o'clock affair with cupcakes and a little bubbly. Oliver was taking care of the cupcakes. That was free.

Perhaps they waited until the last minute for the dress. Martha knew of a sale. It might be more like a race at the wearhouse where the wedding dress sale would be. Thankfully, she was here to manage as many dresses as possible for Lena to try on. Of course, Angie was lagging behind, looking for a dress to wear. She would be in the wedding, but Martha nor Eli's sisters would be in the wedding.

"I guess we are sisters." Martha winced as if she hadn't thought of that until now. "When do you think Eli will get married."

"Oh, I dunno." He'd mentioned the Unitarian chruch once. He told Lena they did same sex weddings, but he had brought it up, thinking she might want to get married there.

Lena stuffed herself into the strapless gown. It wasn't until now that she felt fat.

"Well, that's probably why its on sale." Martha quipped as she grabbed another similar one for Lena to try on.

"Sometimes, I think I want to marry myself." She laughed. "I guess I'm worse than Eli." She talked about how he used to be. He was a goofy kid, according to her. "But he turned out OK. Now, if mom would only accept that."

Martha zipped Lena up.

"My mom wants grand-kids, what about yours?" Martha wanted to know.

Lena blinked wondering when this conversation started. "She's..never..brought it up."

"Lucky." Martha clarified.

Lena liked what she saw in the mirror, and she was happy that Eli got Martha to help with the wedding.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It's nice to see them working together!


ivy said...

Slowly..but surly. Looks like its going to happen!

Launna said...

I hope it all goes off as planned ♡