Saturday, August 16, 2014

little devil

Little Devil

Sawyer wasn't quite sure what was going on with Angie.

He guessed she was his girlfriend. She had to be. The things he did with her. He'd never done with another girl.

And yeah, there was the thrill of it. Sort of this danger he got off on, being with her in his room.

He wanted to call his step-brother Zac and ask him what to do, but Zac was away as a counselor at summer camp and had no time to listen to Sawyer about girls. Frankly, he was afraid to tell Zac everything he'd done with Angie.

It wasn't like he was keeping a score card nor a journal about it. Still, he felt as if something was a little off.

She wasn't as happy to see him as he thought she would be.

Maybe, he was not a good kisser. No..

He was pretty sure. He was. Yes, being with Angie perfected a lot of techniques. Sawyer was beginning to think he knew what girls liked.  One girl in particular.

But now she was being cold. Spending all her days with a soon to be five year old who was going to start kindergarten.

And then the one day wedding gown sale came up.

"What's that got to do with me?" Did she want him to check out every dress she tried on for her brother's wedding. Sawyer snarled his nose up at that. It would be the most boring day ever.

"Could you please babysit Abe for me." Angie made it sound so urgent over the phone. It was one of those chances of a life time deals. Lena could find a gown for a hundred bucks.

"All right." But he was in a pout about it before he even had to go to Ruben and Dorian.

Of course, the next day when he got there, he could see Abel wasn't at all fond of him. Of course, Abe didn't let it show until after Dorian and Ruben left for work.

"I HATE YOU!" He threw the biggest tantrum that Sawyer had ever witnessed. Abe was in a stomp and screamed through the house so. Sawyer was afraid the neighbors would come over, thinking he'd hurt the child.

"Chill!" Sawyer glared at Abe. "What is your problem, lil bro?"

"You are! Stop messing around with my girlfriend!" Abe swelled a frown and crossed his arms.

Sawyer froze. Just what had Angie told him?

About then, Abe stomped on Sawyer's foot. He'd worn flip-flops that day because he couldn't find his Chuck Taylors.

Sawyer looked at the denim TOMS on Abe's little chunky feet. He didn't think those slippers could hurt so bad. Sawyer thought for a moment the bones in his foot might have been shattered.

Sawyer limped over to the couch.

"What! What is wrong with you?" Sawyer was just as angry. "We're not that much different, you know. You have two dads. I have two moms. We should stick together. And by the way, Angie is my girlfriend."

Abe was still mad.

"Don't you think, you, need to find someone a little younger? Closer to your age. Angie is way too old for you." Sawyer at least got Abe around to the couch where Sawyer was looking his foot over. It hurt, but it was still in one piece.

Abe still squinted with a fierce look. They could never be friends.

"Where are your Moms?" Abe wanted to know, as if Sawyer was a liar.

"Doing something, important. I suppose." He got out his wallet to show Abe, he was telling the truth. There he was in a photo with him and two women. Sawyer wasn't much older than Abe in the photo. He remembered how they rocked his world then. Too bad, he couldn't feel it now.

No, all he had was a hunch to go on, that he had found someone who loved him, as much as he loved her. Maybe, he really wasn't as good at showing it as he should.

It didn't have to be all about sex.

"Want to make a picnic, and go to the park?" He asked.

"You're wearing flip-flops." Abe looked down at Sawyer's bare feet.

"Yeah, well..maybe I can borrow a pair of your Dads' shoes." Sawyer knew if he was going to make this work with Angie, he definitely had to be Abe's friend.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope things stay chill between them.


ivy said...

Abe is so adorable..I'm glad he set Sawyer straight.

Launna said...

I hope Sawyer and Abe work out their issues and become friendlier ♡