Friday, August 15, 2014

a friend indeed

a friend indeed

Dustin never thought of himself as following the pack, but one way or another he always felt he was in the mix. A lot of times, when he didn't even want too.

What he would have rather done was perhaps just go on a walk with Halie. Perhaps, back to the park where he'd found her.

But no, here they were walking down the brick street toward the football field where the matches usually started around nine in the evening. Naturally, the girls hurried on. He stayed behind with Halie who wasn't exactly showing much of her legs as the others.

Instead, she wore some old jeans rolled at the end. He suspected the baggy Tee must have been her lover's too. And for a moment, he imagined that was all she had left of him and what was growing inside her.

"I grew up with a single mum." He mentioned. "Honestly, never missed having a dad."

She was awful quiet. It was like him to put his foot in his mouth, every-time, but he was always honest.

"I mean, there were uncles and loads of cousins." He grinned. "Of course, they always said I wasn't out going, enough. Really, didn't see the need."

Halie only nodded.

"I don't have a good track record." She shrugged.

"For what?" He smiled thinking she was talking about athletics, perhaps.

"You know." She stopped. They were far behind in the parade now. They might never catch up.

"Oh." He winced. "Well, me mum didn't know my dad, all that well. It was at one of those, I dunno. Music festivals. You know, during those rains where everything gets so muddy. He played in a band."

"Is he famous?"

"Doubt it. She would have tracked him down. I guess. I seriously wonder if she even knew his name." Dusty shrugged. Honestly, his mum didn't mention her life before him.

He could tell now, he was making Halie uncomfortable. Dustin held out his hand. She hesitated.

"You sure, you want to even go to the game?" He asked.

She nodded and took his hand.

It felt good to be her friend. He could see she needed one.


Launna said...

I think Halie needs a friend... I hope Dustin keeps trying with her ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

She's lucky to have him.


ivy said...

Oh..they are cute together.