Thursday, August 14, 2014

oh, lets

Oh, Lets!

"Do you, think they're a couple?"

It was funny, hearing that question from Dustin. After all, he was rinsing glasses and hanging them upside down to dry behind the bar.

Halie found herself at the old counter with a bowl of ice cream, that she coudln't quite finish. Funny, she was never hungry around Dusty.

He motioned then to the fellows at the end of the bar. Archie and Jax who were watching something on Jax's phone.

"I've wondered that, myself." She made it a point to always let Dusty start the conversation. She did her best not to be interested in him. Occasionally, a few girls would find him. She supposed those who followed the footballers. He actually, wasn't one of them, but chummed with a few who came in for a drink.

"All I know, Archie takes over Jax's dog walking duties on the weekends. He makes a little cash that way." Halie looked at her phone, contemplating to text Josie back, who was telling her all about Derrick on the run.

Obviously, her friend had a thing for this Sky. Halie wished Josie would send a picture of him. Maybe she would show it to Dusty and he might get jealous.

"Oh, so you know, Archie?' Dusty looked at her as if she had his full attention. Finally.

"No, not really." She was thin lipped. They hadn't spoken to each other in weeks. "All right, he's me mum's boyfriend's son."

"No, really?" He looked please to see the connection. "Rufus has a son? I thought Jax was his son." He grinned, and Halie did her best to show no emotion, even if she wanted too. As if they were some happy family.

As it was, she felt like a shadow these days, slipping in and around her mother who was always in a tizzy with work or having a little row with Rufus which always managed into kiss and giggle make-up session.

Before Dustin could say anymore, in came the girls like a fan club, laughing and in their shortest shorts and tiniest mid-drifts. All to see Dusty. And would he come to the game tonight?

"I dunno know. I'm off in a half hour." He looked to Halie. "Would you like to go?"


Launna said...

Awe Dustin likes cute ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope she says yes!!


Ivy said...

Things are looking up.