Wednesday, August 13, 2014

just a song in my heart

just a song in my heart

"Just tell me, you're not going to do anything you'll regret." Leo mentioned to Henry, but he did want to have some fun in the Big Apple with Henry. This didn't have to all be about Vada.

"I'm not going to do anything." Oh, he was ever so serious on the plane trip, but Leo didn't quite believe him. After all, he knew Henry rather well.

He knew Henry wanted to be the best brother in the world, but sometimes, Leo thought Henry jumped to conclusions so quickly.

"Just take it easy on her, OK?" Leo sighed.

After all, Henry's mother was calm. Even Henry's Dad was laughing with his Mom. It didn't feel like that serious of a trip. They were glad Vada was OK.

"I'm pretty sure she knows she's grounded." Leo reminded him.

"It's just.." Henry went like a landslide about every awful choice Vada might have made. "She's not that girl I remember last summer."

"Neither are you." Leo stared Henry.

He sucked in a breath.

"Face it, you don't want her to grow up." Leo let a grin slip. He looked at Henry's parents who were in seats not to far from their's. "I'm sure your parents have felt this very same way, at one time, or another, about you."

Naturally, Henry festered a frown.

"Just like that song, you gotta let it go." Leo couldn't help but sigh.

"Oh, don't you dare, start singing that song." Henry cracked a smile then, with sly laugh and a shoulder nudge.

"How many times, have we watched Frozen now?" Leo looked out into the clouds. After all, Henry let him have the window seat. It was his first time to actually fly anywhere on a plane.

"Dunno, I'm not counting." Henry rested his sharp chin on Leo's shoulder as he watched out the window too.

"That's what I thought." Sometimes, Leo felt he could finish Henry's sentences for him. Still right now, were moments of pure bliss.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm so happy for the two of them.


Ivy said...

They are sweet together.

Launna said...

Awe they are cute together, I hope Henry isn't mad at Vada... :)