Tuesday, August 12, 2014

almost home

almost home

Vada kept having the nightmare over and over. Some authority coming to take her away. Right there on the plane.

Yes, she was happy to be back in the states, but still the food in New York City was far different than what she knew.

She was homesick, and knew she wouldn't be going anywhere when she got home.

But then she would notice Alo's steady hand in hers. She was very grateful to him, and deep down didn't think she deserved him. Yet, she felt she needed to go on.

There was a pensive moment at security at the airport. She was certain they'd know.

"Why so nervous," she remembered the neat fellow in a suit asking.

"I-I-dunno." Vada almost dropped. "Tired..I guess."

He looked over her passport once more, and to her surprise, "I guess you must be glad to be home." He grinned ever so calm. "You, were in Paris an awful long time."

Vada only nodded.

Now, she was wolfing down fries and a burger from MacDonald's. She couldn't believe she was so hungry. Thankfully, she was in her own clothes, even if they were thrifted in another part of the world. At least, she wouldn't ruin the real Nora's clothes.

It wasn't long until Alo's brother found them. She watched them exchange smirks. Perhaps, they weren't really close. She wasn't even sure if they liked each other, but at least Lars came to take them back to his place.

It was such a quiet ride home even in the massive transit system. Vada felt as if she was guilty of something. Of course, she was, but she clung to Alo's hand. Maybe it was his hand clinging to hers.

"You know, you could have just came back to Scotland with me." He whispered as if that would have been the perfect move.

Wishful thinking, she thought. It was time to go home and face the music. She knew what she'd gotten away with. How would she ever pay Henry and his parents back? She knew she didn't have their trust. Still, she felt older and wiser about so many things. Joel was just an after thought.

And yet, this overwhelming sadness came over her. Dean. Yes, she missed him. She hadn't forgot about him as well as she thought she had.

It was like one bad thing lead to another. And she was bad. She must remember. She was bad with Dean.

Vada sucked in what she could of the sadness that loomed. Maybe it would be a good thing if she never saw him again.


Launna said...

I hope Vada sees who is in front of her (Alo) instead of wasting anymore time on Dean... besides Dean isn't even thinking of her...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Vada. :(


Sara Gerard said...

Vada really has a lot to sort though, glad to see that she is home now.