Monday, August 11, 2014

the long hot summer

The Long Hot Summer

Dean wouldn't exactly say boot camp was a breeze, but it cleared his mind. He hoped.

He knew he needed to write Josie some time. Actually, he hadn't the heart to even open the letters she sent.

They were several months old and still in an old shoe box he'd scavenge from somewhere in the barracks. He was now in something more of a dorm room, going through medic training.

Still his schooling was quite intense. Possibly, he was learning light years of wealth crammed in a few weeks.  He barely had time to lift his head up. Maybe, he'd wait on these letters, when he had time. But he cradled the box as if those letters had a life of their own.

He kept staring at Josie's address. He hoped she was doing OK this summer.

"Hey, that's a lot of letters." The voice was female and for a moment he thought maybe Josie was here to find out if he read her letters.

He looked up. There was Bradly who he was taking classes with.

"Oh, its..nothing.." He wanted to tell her needed to get rid of the box of letters, but he couldn't. He shoved it under his bed, thinking he'd get to it, sooner or later.

"What did, you, forget?" They'd been at it for hours. Studying. Maybe days. Mostly nights. He needed to get the essentials down because he might be called for battle, somewhere, soon. It was all such a mystery. He wanted to be prepared.

"Hmm..I wonder what it could be?" Her smile was ever so endearing that it made him smile back.  She had that affect on him. Maybe it was her shiny blond hair. He couldn't imagine it ever being pink.

Usually, she could be so formal in her dungaree uniform, but now her hair was down, and she looked amazing as summer should be.

"Maybe this." She kissed him quick on the lips, but he fell back into it as if she were a lot more than a stress reliever.

Honestly, he didn't know he could find someone like Bradly in a place like this.

It was pure joy being around her, and he couldn't have Josie's letters messing this up.


Launna said...

I wondered how Dean was doing... it's good how he has met someone new... it is too bad he hadn't read the letters but now they would mess things up...

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I have missed your writing - looking forward to catching up on your posts! After reading this one I am already hooked :)

ellie said...

I haven't heard from you in ages! Great to hear from you. Hope you are as creative as you always are! Thanks for the comment!

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Josie always pops up at the most inconvenient times. :/


Sara Gerard said...

I think it is safe to say he has moved on.

ellie said...

I think so too!

ellie said...

Oh..I was hoping someone was wondering about him. I haven't forgotten about him completely..=)