Sunday, August 10, 2014

Letting go of a heavy heart

Letting Go of a Heavy Heart

It was a good visit with Fish and the guys. Mitch wished he'd spent more time with Fish and his friends over the summer. Maybe, Derrick did take up all his time.

But he felt a little empty. And he felt a little sad to leave the hospital. He wasn't really sure why.

His sister and her boyfriend arrived with his parents to take him home the next day.

"Oh, I have good news," his sister was all smiles.

"OK." Mitch did his best to smile. He guessed his sister was getting married now.

"We're moving to San Francisco!" She beamed. Her new boyfriend got a job at a pharmaceutical company. "And I got a job there, too!"

Mitch only sighed at her excitement. Char was moving on, and he was stuck here.

What had he really accomplished this summer? He didn't think he was in a dead end job, until now. At the moment, he felt as if life had jilted him. He was still bruised, stiff and in a slight pain. And Derrick was gone.

Of course, his sister wouldn't let him get a word in. She told him about the apartment her boyfriend had found. "You'll have to come  visit. You, might even want to move there."  She kept smiling as if there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

"Sure." Mitch managed as they piled his stuff together for him to leave.

Suddenly, he felt so sad. So lost. He felt as if a part of his life was over. Now what?

Nico brought him a clipboard with some final papers to sign.

"Hey, don't be a stranger now." Nico winced with a sly smile. "We'll have to hang out, some time. Remember, I do know where you live."

Mitch nodded trying not to let on that he was actually happy about that. They shook hands. His family was ready to give him the royal treatment as they wheeled him out. His mom made all his favorite sweets at home. Naturally, she told him he needed to gain some weight.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Cheers to happy hangouts!


ivy said...

Oh, I hope all goes well for Mitch!

deb said...

Oh..I love Mitch!

Launna said...

I am happy that things look like they are turning around for Mitch ;)