Wednesday, August 27, 2014

not exactly a day at the park

Not Exactly A Day At The Park

The last 24 hours were beginning to take a toll on Ren who couldn't remember ever being this exhausted.

She'd gone to the hospital with Mary and when she found out Mary needed rehab, she finally called Jaime, her ex-husband. Of course, he blamed her for everything. It was the usual speech. She could be foster mother but not even take care of her own.

Maybe it was her fault. She'd never had time to wallow in her own pity. After all, Mary wasn't even Jamie's child. She just couldn't raise her on her own.. then. Mary's real father died of an overdose. Still Ren felt she'd been the selfish one in her own little world. Thinking everything would be fine with Jamie. never was.

 She kept busy. It was what she knew. She'd came from a rather large family and she'd always wanted a large one of her own. But it sounded like a silly fairytale now. Maybe she was as dumb as Jamie always told her. But... This was serious with Mary. Couldn't Jamie take this seriously?

Of course, Ren lost her train of thought when she saw Chevy (Gage's father) waiting to take her home from the hospital.

 He was such a hugger. Even the first time she met him. Yes, she'd fallen into something with him. He did remind her of her first and last love.

Maybe it was luck. To find Chevy now.

Still she was teary eyed. Wondering how bad it would get.

"Is Mary even your daughter?" Chevy asked out of the blue on the drive home. It was cloudy about. Thunderstorms brewing.

"Yes." Ren squinted. "Why do you ask?"

"I'm sorry." Chevy kept his eye on the road. "Gage, must have misunderstood, but he said Mary told him you weren't her mother."

Ren looked out the window as they passed by the manicured homes near the university.

"So thats how she feels about me." She felt so grim to learn her own daughter was such a liar.

"Well, she came back to you." Chevy's smile was ever so endearing.

"Yeah, she did." Ren nodded as if it were a good sign. Maybe Mary loved her, after all.


Launna said...

This is sad... I hope Mary understands Ren wants the best for her...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Ren doesn't seem like a bad person.


Sara Gerard said...

It's good that Ren is so passionate.