Tuesday, August 26, 2014

on edge

on edge

What was Gage to do with himself?

The house was practically empty now. He didn't even have the foster kids to complain about.

It was a strange summer. All had found homes. Even the midget that Ren hoped to adopt.  The eight year old's father had wanted him, after all.

Of course, Gage had to be on his best behavior with his own Dad around. And then the thing with Holden was not exactly something he was going to bring up. The kiss. That was just freaky.

Naturally, he hadn't heard from Halie. After all, she was all demanding about having face-time. Perhaps, he was glad she was in England and he was here. He was comfortable of the idea of never seeing her nor the baby.

Yet, he'd wake up having a nightmare, finding her undies in the commode and then Gage would wonder where the baby went.  So yes, guilt wore on and he was so close to telling his father about Halie and the baby, but then..someone like Ren's daughter showing up changed things.

"She's not even here." Gage was home alone when Mary showed up looking like she'd been living on the streets.

"Great." She looked so unmoved, but still with spite and hate.

"What are you doing here?" He winced.

"I live here, you know." She was straight-lipped.

"No, you don't." Gage smiled. "You, haven't lived here in years."

Something was weird about her, but Gage kissed her so hard that maybe she'd forget what he even said. Besides, he needed to kiss a female just to know if he was OK and hadn't gone gay after kissing his so called best friend Holden.

Yes, he was definitely OK.

She didn't protest and she did kiss back with tongue. It wasn't long until he was tangled up with her on the couch in positions he hadn't been in for quite sometime. It was like a sweet dream with so many possibilities.

And then her long lashes fluttered and Mary's baby doll face looked up at him because he was on top.

"Hey!" Suddenly she was someone else. "I'm not a perv." She pushed him off as if she'd have none of it.

The door opened and guess who was home?

Their parents.

Luckily, Gage nor Mary were not undressed. And Gage turned back as if he had better things to do than to even see his Dad with Ren.

They were carrying in groceries.

"Who's he?" Mary squinted.

"That's my Dad." Gage crossed his arms making a quick check that his fly wasn't open before he turned around.

"THIS SON OF YOURS-" Mary started.

But Gage stepped in with something better. "Ren, I think she's on drugs."

His Dad dropped the groceries and went to check Mary's arms.

Sure enough, there were marks under her scratchy gray sweater.

Gage just stared. He didn't even know he spoke the truth.


Launna said...

Gage needs to grow up and talk to Halie..

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a very confusing time for Gage and Mary.


Sara Gerard said...

Wow, that came out of nowhere!

Ivy said...

Oh my..not quite the Brady bunch..for sure. Its like Gage has these powers he has no idea about.