Wednesday, September 24, 2014

by the skin of his teeth

By the Skin of his teeth

Garvin wished he knew how to fix things. He wasn't exactly a jack of all trade. Heck, he wasn't even good at mowing the lawn.

It was true. Vera didn't really need him for anything. He felt like he was in the way, but when Kayla cornered him at the library about Vera. Well, he lied like his life depended on it.

"Well, sure, we're in love." He laughed. "Its none of your business, anyway." He was dead serious, wishing he knew what that exactly felt like. Love. Maybe he did. There was an inkling. But it wasn't with Kayla and it wasn't with Vera.

Actually, it made him a bit shaky. Like he was certain to mess it up. But here he was in a little Iowa farm town, thinking he could do the job at the local newspaper. They'd seen his pictures of the devastation from the tornado.

Of course, at his interview, they wondered why he wasn't working for the press somewhere. Would he want to be taking pictures of GOOD NEWS all the time?

"I'd like to give it a try." Actually, the tornado was just an accident. He couldn't help but want to take pictures. Actually, he loved developing black and white, letting the picture speak for itself. But it was a forgotten art. Did they need any real photographers anymore?

He did get a few assignments from the text book place, but they felt so few and far apart, lately. There was a wedding, he might do. But he wasn't so sure how quickly Topher and Ricki were thinking about getting married. He'd taken a picture of Topher finding Ricki at the grocery store. In the moment, it was so emotional. Topher even proposed on the spot. And that's when Topher told Garvin he wanted him to be at the wedding to take pictures.

At his interview the old geezer asked if he'd ever interviewed people. Garvin nursed his bottom lip. This was like another world to him.

"I guess we could give you a try." The old man looked as if he was tired of high school help and those who were only there for a few weeks. Garvin had to wonder if the old guy would want to turn the whole thing over to him because he was certainly being nice.

"Uh, I have this friend, who works at the courthouse." Garvin started.

He let the fellow finish the sentence. Sure his soon to be boss knew Martha.

Garvin grinned listening to all the first places she'd ever won in spelling B's. She'd made a trip to Australia her senior year and even an internship as a page at the state capital.

Suddenly, Garvin felt the job was sold to him all because he knew Martha.

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Launna said...

It seems Gavin has a thing for Martha... I'd like to see him end things with Vera before he went any further :-)