Monday, September 8, 2014



"God, I dunno what we're doing." Josie wanted to give in, give up. They'd driven straight through the night and then some. Or so it seemed on the desolate trip.

When she got her text from her Mom about the tornado, she wanted to freak. But they were almost to the Post where Dean would be graduating.

And they'd had the longest talk on the way. Sky was driving now. He didn't have a car, but he did have a driver's license. It seemed he was going to get a car from his Grandpa, but that hadn't panned out yet.

Oh, they hadn't talked about the kiss. Maybe they didn't need too.

What was she going to say?

"You, really like me, don't you?" She knew that would be so selfish to question. Besides, they were going to her maybe boyfriend's graduation. Although, the closer she got to seeing Dean, she didn't really want to see him at all, and yet she felt she had too.

"What happened?" Sky brought her back to reality.

"There was a tornado. It took down a lot of trees on our block. In fact, the big one in the front yard." She had pictures to prove it. It was a sad sight, but it could be a lot worse.

"Seriously?" He looked as her as if maybe he should give his roommate Mitch a call or maybe his uncle Nico. Sky focused on the road. They'd made it through the massive Oklahoma City traffic and were on their way to Lawton.

"It was just straight winds actually." She told him.

"Yeah, that's what usually happens around there." He'd tried his best to get her to go to a couple of tourist traps on the way. Maybe some barbecue, but Josie needed to see this through. "Does Dean know we're even coming?" He finally asked.

"Nope, thought I'd surprise him." She checked her phone to make sure they were in the right direction. Of course, Sky would have none of that. He was very old school on the road. Thankfully, she hadn't been angry with him yet. She just needed to see Dean. Today.


Maybe Dean was excited as Bradly, who was squealing  like a little girl. Oh, she was full of enthusiasm. Her mother and and brother were here and of course, she wanted him to go everywhere with them.

There was also a lot of talk of how well they'd done in their class. They were going on to be stationed to learn more about trama and more nursing skills in San Antonio. Together.

"We could be doctors some day!" She couldn't stop talking about it. Of course, Dean was much more subdued. He was happy for the opportunity, and he wanted to learn more. He was grateful for having the opportunity to learn to be a medic. Still, he was shocked they would be going to the next destination together. He was afraid it all might be a dream.

And then he was paged to go to the front gate.

"Oh, God, your Foster Mom, did come, after all!" Brad knew all about Ren, her daughter and of course, Gage, too. She stayed with her mom and younger brother.

Dean couldn't imagine who would be at the front gate. Time was running short too. So he hurried, wondering if Vada came to see him, or what if..

For a minute or two he imagined his real mom showing up or his real dad. Of course, he wouldn't know what they looked like. He never knew them. How would they know what he was doing about now?

Dean sucked in what emotion he might hold on to that he knew was silly and would never ever happen. He'd lost hope in that sort of fairy tale along time ago. Nobody, would be looking for him. And then he saw Josie.

She looked so small. It wasn't until now that he realized how really petite she was. At least she wasn't alone. Sky was with her.

"What? Are you doing here?" He was caught off guard. He wasn't sure if to laugh or just cry. He felt as if he'd lost his voice, thinking the timing was all wrong.

"We.." Josie bit her bottom lip. "We wanted to see you graduate." She told him, even if her words were sputtering. "Ren's got so much going on, right now." She started to cry. "I just..I needed some family...I guess."

He smiled and nodded. She was right. He did need some family.


Launna said...

Awe, I am happy Josie went... I hope it's for closure though, I would like to see her happy with Sky :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Family is important.