Sunday, September 7, 2014

in the storm

Topher and Ricki

Topher was too busy to think about the weather. In fact he didn't think much of anything lately, but work. After all, he was his own boss with the pesticide job. He checked out plenty of motels and hotels lately. Some were more upscale than others.

Actually, it was a much better job than when he started out with the company. He was away from Ricki a lot, but the point was... there were bills, insurance and everything else that went along with having a family. And he had to be that provider.

Yes, there were times when he envied his old friend Luc so, that he couldn't even speak to him. He hadn't meant for it to be a falling out, but this was life.

Just how did Luc find it so easy?

His nights were tired and he was give out. And yeah, he knew he wasn't much company to Ricki, but she did have a houseful and they were getting by.

So when he heard the sirens go off, he finally looked up and noticed that might be a funnel cloud. He was on his way home from work. Finally, he pulled over as the heavy rains came, beating against the windshield.

Something was just not right. He could sense it with the bad taste in his mouth. It was bitter like he expected poison to be. He text Ricki.

He hoped she was in the basement at home. Hopefully, she remembered to get some extra water and snacks. Everything would be OK. But she didn't text back.

Topher fretted. The winds were coming, but he started up the old truck and went on his way. He wasn't that far from home, yet it felt like a long ride home as the waves of water hit the side of his truck. For a moment, he thought he might be driving into the ocean.

Soon, he noticed fallen trees in yards. Even in the streets. It felt the long way home, even if he weren't all that far away. He stopped his truck and waited for the hard rain to subside.

It was when he got out of the truck he noticed the highlines were down, but he forged on. Alone. No one was out in this mess.

Maybe he was the crazy one now. He knew it was dangerous. He could be careful. He'd learned to mix the right chemicals together and knew how to cage a raccoon in an attic.

 It felt like the longest walk home. And when he got there, Topher noticed the old tree out front crashed into the house.

In all the years his grandmother lived there in the big house with the rap around porch, not once had it been hurt by a storm.

Of course, Topher picked up his pace and went around the corner to get in through the kitchen.


No one answered.

Finally someone shouted from the basement. He went down expecting to find Ricki and their baby, but it was just Shan and Fish. Ricki was at the grocery store.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope things go okay from here.


Launna said...

I hope she is okay... just somewhere cell service is not available...

Ivy said...

Maybe this is a wakeup call for Topher.