Thursday, September 4, 2014

just a little matter

Just a little matter prt. 1

Shan was counting the days for Bree to leave. It would be like a vacation.

"I wish you wouldn't be this way." Fish finally let slip as they were doing his laundry that Shan had been putting off. Naturally, Shan thought they should be in bed on this storm brewing day. But there was more than a thunderstorm looming. There was a threat of a tornado.

As it was, they were folding clothes in the basement.

"What do you mean?" Shan's sly smirk prevailed. Fish couldn't be mad at him.

"She's your little sister." Fish was dead serious.

"Well..I'm not you and she's not Syreeta." Shan sighed as if how could they compare? Yes, Fish was the best brother in the world, but people liked him. Shan was never a people person. Except, there was Fish and Shan wanted to be with him, like they should be.

As it was, Fish was a credit or two from graduating. Once that was done, then maybe they could find their own place. Shan was saving his money.

"You have to try, Bree is growing up. She'll  be in middle school soon." Fish folded Shan's shirts so perfectly. Usually, Shan tossed everything in a drawer and didn't care how wrinkled it go.

"God, can we please stop talking about her?" Shan closed his eyes dreaming of freedom, wishing his parents would do the right thing and raise their daughter. Naturally, he went to rescue Fish from folding another shirt. They kissed. He didn't want to think of anyone else, but Fish.

Just a little matter prt. 2

Jane did her best to console Lola when she was at the emergency room. After all, she was a nurse. It wasn't like she really knew her, but Lola was so young and she was friends of Max and Daisy's. Oh, Jane was so positive with Lola. She just needed to stay on a diet, no salt, rest, lots of rest. This pregnancy was going to be OK. Everything was going to be OK.

A few minutes after Lola left with her family, Jane went into labor.

It wasn't suppose to happen like this.

Of course, it wasn't long until her husband Asa arrived. He thought this was the best possible place for this kind of thing to happen. Going in to labor.

He did his best to sooth her panic. But she didn't like the needles or anything else that was happening. Soon she felt as if she was in a daze and she had no control. They were taking the baby with or without her.

She wanted to cry. Maybe she was. A part of her felt as of she'd fallen down a rabbit hole. She needed to stay awake for this. But everyone kept telling her to rest. She needed to rest.

She could hear them talking. But it was hard to make out what they wanted her to do. What had to be done.

"Just standard procedure."

But the baby was a preemie. And they needed to deliver it now if they wanted it to have any chance.

The thought of reassurance was holding on to Asa's hand. But she felt herself float. And then she saw what they were doing. They were trying to save her.


Launna said...

Thankfully she was in the hospital when she went into labor... I hope this ends well...

ivy said...

Shan is a little selfish. I hope Jane is OK.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I hope everything is okay.