Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What are we going to do about Gage?

What are we going to do about Gage?

Essie stayed focused on the Big Bang Theory TV show while she messed with Carson's hair. He was comfortable, resting his head in her lap.

They couldn't be doing this at her house. Actually, it was much more laid back to hang out at the house where Carson roomed. Of course, he was talking about his Dad and Gage while they were alone. She knew he wouldn't be talking so much if anyone was around.

Of course, she kept thinking of her last conversation with Gage. She didn't know if she should mention it to Carson.

She hadn't meant to go behind Carson's back, but Gage was always a little weird around her. And it was an accident she'd seen him that day at the grocery store, a few weeks ago. At least he was alone and Holden wasn't around. She did her best not to have many conversations with Gage.

First Gage was sweet. Offering her a slice of veggie pizza and even a drink. He could be so easy going and friendly. A part of her wished Carson was more like Gage. Yes, sometimes, she did feel Carson was too reserved. He could be down right robotic. And then Carson would be very nice to her father or stay in the kitchen talking to her mother.

Sometimes, she thought he might like her mother more than he liked her.

But now she felt as if she were mothering him. And it felt good that he could talk about his father and brother with such ease. As if, she could tell him 'don't ever speak to them again', and he probably would. But she wouldn't. She couldn't.

Gage was different. He was like that sweet and sour candy commercial, she now thought. For the life of her, she didn't know what she said that made him turn.

"Look, I know about you. I know what you did, with Holden." His unnerving words still got the best of her every-day. She did not want Carson to know about her almost trist with Holden at the Valentines day dance.

"What's wrong?" Carson asked now.

"Nothing." Essie tensed.

She'd called Gage's bluff that day. Perhaps she'd turned into someone else, too. She told Gage to tell his brother everything. It didn't matter, if Carson knew about Holden and her..

Gage hadn't told Carson, anything yet.

It was there at the grocery store Gage spilled to her about Halie being pregnant.

Essie swallowed her fear now. She had Carson's attention as he set up and looked her in the eye.

"OK, I..I might know something." She sighed.

"About Gage?" Carson winced as if he were hurt already that she'd kept it from him.

"Yeah, its..its about this girl named Halie.." She began as she cleared her throat.

"That girl in England?" Carson winced harder.

"Yeah, she's going to have his baby." Essie felt so awkward as the words formed in her mouth. She felt as if she were part of a soap opera that she really didn't have a part in.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Essie.


Launna said...

It had to come out... Gage should tell people... :-/

Sara Gerard said...

It is hard to deal with other people's problems, but it shows how compassionate she is.

ivy said...

Oh, I would hate to be in Essie's shoes, but the family needs to know.