Friday, September 19, 2014

On the other hand

On the Other Hand

Carson wasn't sure the reality sank in. He just couldn't get worked up and worried like his Dad could with Gage.

Actually, he wasn't sure what his Dad was getting at. Did he think something was really wrong with Gage?

"So, he'll get over it." He couldn't help to admit this to Essie at the coffee shop. Naturally, she gave him a look that maybe Carson was the most unsympathetic guy in the world.

Was this really how he was? After all, she was going to her church's college to be a Youth minster. Someday, Carson might be a minister's husband. He still didn't like the sound of that, but he wouldn't hold  her back. If this was what she wanted, then he was there for her. But Gage and Halie. Well, that was a different story. He could never take Gage seriously about his so called girlfriend. He thought Gage just made her up.

"Do you know anything about Gage's girlfriend?" Carson asked now when he saw Josie behind the counter.

"I dunno if I'd call her his girlfriend." Josie winced slightly.

"See, I thought so." Carson shook his head with a smile. His little brother just wanted sympathy. "She's your friend?"

"We talk. Ever so often." Josie did know a girl who lived in England. In fact, Halie was Jules' little sister.

Carson was a bit spellbound about just how small his world was. Perhaps, he should have taken this seriously. After all, Jules was his boss and he'd never breathed a word that they might actually be kin in a rather distant way.

"Well, Gage, never tells me anything." Now Carson found himself mad. "He is full of riddles." Carson winced hard. "Did Halie lose her baby?"


Launna said...

It is a very small world... the older I get the more I see that ...
It's always interesting and eye opening though :-)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Carson shouldn't be mad; Gage has a lot of crazy things going on in his life too. He may not be the most forthcoming; but he's not an overall bad guy.