Thursday, September 18, 2014

no more games

No More Games

Rossie hadn't expected to get a call from Kids Inc., but the next thing she knew she was filing and doing desk work, along with keeping the peace with the teens that were staying there, waiting for foster care.

It was a place to help kids, mostly teenagers, in transition. Some would go to foster care while others would end up at Boystown. It was fulltime, and there were benefits. At least she had a place to go. There was no time to worry about Derrick or even her own life, and yet thoughts kept creeping in that she should do something. Even if she hadn't seen Derrick. It was probably best if she didn't.

"Um, there's this guy.." Rossie started. If there was anyone who could help him, it would be Zane, who was a cop once. He was once a probation officer, too. Now he ran this place.

"Oh, really." Naturally, Zane was smart mouthed as usual. "Never could turn away a bad boy, now could you?" He smirked. Perhaps they went way back. She didn't know for sure, but he knew his way around the system and helped her get her GED and her own place.

"Well, he's..he's just a friend." It wasn't a complete lie, but there was no need to tell Zane anymore than she had too. Maybe she wouldn't even show.

Yes, she'd taken a home pregnancy test a week or so ago. Even went to the clinic. It was official, but she really didn't want to mention it.

"He..he beat up his boyfriend." Rossie said ever so casual. She did a little stalking of her own. She knew where Mitch lived. He didn't look so bad now.

"Well, you know, how things are about that." Zane shrugged, sometimes, the police didn't do a whole lot about that sort of life. Derrick would serve a little time and they'd let him go.

"Its just, he did put him in the hospital." Rossie sighed, thinking Derrick could have killed him. Why in the world did she want to help him? "But, uh...he's never done anything like this..."

"Hey, he's got family, doesn't he?" Zane shrugged again as if Derrick was no different than so many he saw daily.

"Right." Rossie nodded as if she should leave it alone. "Its just, I'm pretty sure they've giving up on him."

"I see." Zane looked at her as if he knew she really did care. "I'll check in to it. Maybe there is a group a home, we could get him into."

Rossie only sighed. She needed to stay as far from Derrick as possible.


Launna said...

I agree that Rossie should stay far, far away from Derrick....

Ivy said...

Yet, she might be his only hope.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Rossie is smart to finally see who Derrick really is.


Sara Gerard said...

Things are turning around for her, she needs to stay away from Derrick.