Wednesday, September 17, 2014

here we go again

Here We Go Again

The last few weeks were a blur. Then the tornado. Vada had hid in the basement with Henry and his parents. They'd watched the storm unfold on the TV until the cable messed up.

Was it actually, September? It didn't feel like the beginning of the school year to Vada.

All was quiet now. She'd heard someone say that Roman Hardy was missing. He never came back from rehab. That furrowed her brow for about 5 seconds. She couldn't imagine him being out on his own without his family's money.

Caitlin quit the squad. There was a new campaign the popular girl had going. There were posters of her and Roman, everywhere. Had anyone seen him?

It felt weird, looking at them together in their prom picture. But Vada only sighed and hugged her books as she went to class, thinking this was her year to prove that she was OK. Actually, no one knew how she got to Paris. But everyone still knew she'd been. And there were questions about her exciting summer. Still she didn't say much, and even less about Joel who was still abroad.

Actually, there was only one person she did want to speak too. Cody.

But he looked like a zombie. All pale and quite. She knew this whole thing with his brother was taking a toll on him.

"I did get you something." She smiled now as she handed over a black beret. Yes, she still remembered him even if she guessed the timing might be all wrong. He'd been her friend once. And her summers with him and all the roleplaying wasn't completely forgotten, even if it felt like a lifetime, ago.

She asked him how his mother was doing. He only shrugged, straight lipped.

"Where's Spencer?" Vada asked next, thinking it would be wrong to tell him about her boyfriend Alo. Cody and Spencer were inseparable last year, even if Spencer was a foot taller than him.

"She moved." He could barely speak.

Vada did feel sad for him as she gave him a slight hug. But not that sad.


Launna said...

Oh my goodness Vada... she has Alo and now thinking about Cody...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Vada has a lot on her plate right now.


ivy said...

I'm glad she still cares about Cody.

Sara Gerard said...

Geez, she really has grown up!