Tuesday, September 16, 2014

never forget

Never Forget

Alo couldn't sleep at night. Yes, only one person was on his mind even if he was back at the University. Vada.

Perhaps, he was her cheerleader. Every moment she called. She text. He'd smile and do his best to give her words of comfort.

Still, he was sad. And it wasn't that she was away from him, but the fact that she told him everything.

There was more to talk about than Dean. Oh, she went back to another life. A life when she was little and where she grew up and how her Dad was. How, she'd suffered.  Abuse. Neglect. Kept from the simplest things that he took for granted. And still, she'd somehow survived and didn't want him to feel sorry for her.

"Its just, you know, you think everything is so right and how nothing could ever go wrong again, and then..it does." Her words sounded tangled in her throat, but he remembered them clearly. Even now. At two in the morning. He really didn't like being this far from her.

He'd squeezed the last few seconds he had with her by holding her close to him. As if by some miracle, he could be in her head, everywhere she went. Or the idea that her touch would be imprinted within him that he'd never forget. Never forget the time he'd spent with her.

He felt like such a fool now to think she was Nora.

Alo closed his eyes, trying to remember what Nora looked like. He couldn't remember Nora's face. He just couldn't let that happen with Vada. He couldn't. He wouldn't.


Launna said...

Awe... I wanted Vada with Alo... I hope she comes to her senses...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Vada would give Alo a serious shot!


Ivy said...

I think she feels differently about him than anyone else she has met.

Sara Gerard said...

Awww! I think they need to talk ASAP.