Monday, September 15, 2014

Its about time

Its about Time

Ash was a little late, but at least he had the keys to their new place in Student Housing. He got a scholarship at the University, and they were going to pay him at the local University playhouse. Yes, he'd practically sang for his supper.

Ash was still shocked how it all came about so quickly. He was pretty sure someone up there thought Lola was having twins.

No, they were not going to California. Not just yet.

Lola was on bedrest with her high blood pressure.

He liked her friends. Even her brother Milo. It was all going to be OK, even if they were in the oldest housing on Campus.

"It has charm." He assured Lola. "You, can play house."

She looked around the large open spaces. They had nothing. Not even a bed.

Luckily, someone he'd met at the drama department was getting divorced and was giving them furniture. Thankfully, Max came to the rescue. He came by with a pickup truck. Hopefully, he and Ash could haul it to the duplex, in the woods, as he called it.

"Well, the professor says the bed has never been used." Ash smiled, thinking he knew his mum was worried sick about them. They were suppose to be in England with her. But he was happy he was on his own with Lola. They were doing this. There was so much to look forward, too.


Launna said...

I really hope it all works out for Ash and Lola... :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such an exciting time for them!!


Sara Gerard said...

Awww! They are so sweet!

Ivy said...

Things are looking up for them.