Sunday, September 14, 2014

moving on

moving on prt. 1

Holden was thankful Matti came home. Of course, the last month or so he'd been hanging out with her and her sisters and finally found the connection between Hansen and his best friend Crosby.

They'd been running a foodtruck after the concerts. And it was a success. Holden helped out too. Matti liked working the truck as a cashier and yelling orders to them. Sometimes it was a madhouse, but it was always exhilarating. Sometimes, he found it hard to believe she was ever a ballerina.

She was good with people. He guessed her sisters liked him. One moved out with her boyfriend so he never got to see them.

Matti still lived with Julie for the most part. But he heard her mention that she would be back in Denver for a couple of months. She hadn't exactly told him, but he had heard her talking with Julie. Holden could see Julie couldn't wait to have the apartment to herself with Crosby.

"Oh, its just for the holidays." Matti admitted. But getting ready for the tour would start in a couple of weeks. He didn't want to see her go.

"Well, right now, we have to help Crosby and Hansen." She smiled.

"OK." A part of him wanted her all to himself, but she knew how to help people.  "Besides, you are going to cook for the fund raiser for the tornado victims, aren't you?"

"Yes, of course." Holden wasn't exactly a short order cook, but he promised to help Hansen at the old diner where they were having a chili feed to help victims of the recent tornado.

"This isn't just some old diner." He then heard Crosby reminding Hansen. "This is Daisy's."

It was also the grand opening of the diner that Daisy's Dad now owned and operated.

moving on prt.2

Jane was out of the hospital but Ezra their baby was still in the preemie ward. She barely felt like going to the fund raiser, but Asa promised they wouldn't stay long. Still she could barely leave Ezra's side.

Yes, the tiny thing was mesmerizing. She didn't want to speak of how she almost lost her own life during the birth. No one, really had a good explanation. She was healthy, for the most part. Still, she felt so light headed these days. She didn't want to eat. Actually, she forgot to eat.

It was the baby that mattered to her, and yet there were the children at home that had missed her too. Now they were all together. And she could see Asa was happy they were here at the opening of Daisy's.

Naturally, everyone wanted to hear about the birth of Ezra. Jane shook her head. She talked how Ezra's operation went. How he might not have to have another one. But it was possible he might need surgery when he was older. He would be prone to respiratory illnesses, too.

She felt so sad, wondering how they could possibly manage through all the hospital bills. Still, when she looked at him... she saw Asa and that alone was a sweet thrill that she wanted to see live which gave her hope and faith.

Yes, she wanted to say she believed in God, but it was personal and she didn't have the heart to explain it. She would just have to live it. So she smiled.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think she made the right choice - religion is a private, personal thing.


Launna said...

This is a difficult challenge... I can't imagine how hard it is to have a child in the hospital and to worry about their health :)