Saturday, September 13, 2014

within the grooves

within the groves

Oliver was in a certain funk. He wanted to call it so.

Yes, he'd made cupcakes for Lena and Tony's wedding. They didn't want anything fancy. After all, it was just a wedding in the park. But it was lovely, even if he watched from afar.

He knew Kayla wasn't in a wedding mood, either. He guessed it was nice they'd brought along the dog.

Yes, the dog might have been controling their lives, lately. Oliver lived down the hall in a studio, away from the big flat that he used to call home with Kayla. And he kept the dog.

Thankfully, it was an obedient animal. Oliver would take walks in the evening with the pet. He and Avery would take care of him while Kayla only watched. He was certain Kayla wasn't fond of the dog, but she must have known how much Avery loved the spaniel.

They were going to a marriage counselor, too. But that was slow. They might never move forward. He didn't see any reason to move back in. He was close enough. And there was work. Oliver felt oblivious to everything. But that day at the wedding, he looked up and saw a particular someone watching.

Oliver held his breath, certain there would be a change of some kind, but Garvin went back to the small gathering and perhaps mingled and started talking to the first person he could find.

There was no trouble. Kayla hadn't noticed a thing out of the ordinary. She looked so tired and withdrawn. Her eyes were only on Avery.

Naturally, Oliver didn't bring Garvin up.


Launna said...

Awe, I hope the counseling helps ... Oliver sounds wistful...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It sounds like Kayla's in a bad place right now.


ivy said...

I hope Kayla will wake up and find love in her family.