Monday, September 22, 2014

which one will it be

Which one will it be

Gage studied his clean fingernails. It was amazing how he kept them so clean.

Of course, his father's words were like a distant cry now. He really wasn't listening to him. Instead, he found comfort in remembering how Macy's lips moved.

He didn't listen to her, either. It was all so muddled. lately. It was hard to choose right from wrong. Maybe there were no... any... real answers.

"You, need to see someone." His father's words prevailed.

"For what?" Gage heard his own voice crack as if maybe he was worse off than even his Dad thought.

"You've talked to counselors, right?" His Dad wanted to know as they were in the computer room alone. His Dad had been on the phone with Carson. He knew now about the lie.

Gage shrugged. Didn't mean much to him.

"Gage, how can we help you..if...if.." He didn't even finish. He sat down next to him, put his arm around him.

"You know, I love you. And..and you can tell me..anything..anything." His Dad started.

"I guess. Its just..I don't me." Gage confessed. "I'm nothing." He didn't want to talk about how his mom didn't want him. How she left him in the dumpster. "Why isn't my mother jail?"

"You're right, she should be."  His father pressed his lips tight as if he might have seen it happen. But if he had, why hadn't he saved him then? Not now.

Gage wanted to get farther and farther from the truth, yet it was still hard to hang on to who he really was. Honestly, he didn't actually know. A lot of people lived inside his head. But they could hide too. No one would really know who might decide to be Gage next.


Sara Gerard said...

The truth of why parents do the things they do, a tough pill to swallow,

Launna said...

Oh poor Gage... I think his father will get him so me help... I hope...