Tuesday, October 21, 2014

at the library

at the library

"I really don't know if I can talk about it." Josie managed.

She looked a little teary eyed to Henry as he put his arm around her.

"Sky hasn't been in all week." Henry thought he was sick, like maybe a rare virus or something you could catch from a summer insect.

"He's at our house." She sighed as she was bringing back all the books to the library that normally Sky would bring in. "I don't think he should be alone right now, and Mom thought he needed us. Its just, he's not really talking."

Henry only nodded. He checked in the library items at the counter.

"Lets have a muffin or something." He lead her back to the breakroom. "I heard about his grandfather."

"Yeah, he's home now." Josie knew.

There was hot water already in the electric tea pot. He went to make her a cup of tea. They were alone.

"Sky found out something that..he..he needs to get used too." Josie squinted. "His grandpa is actually his father."

"Oh." Henry let slip. "Kind of like Jack Nicholson finding out his sister was his mother?"

"What movie was that in?" Jose squinted more.

"No, that was a real life thing." Henry remembered.

"Huh." Josie bit his bottom lip. "He's pretty upset. Mostly with his mom. I think. Its just..he doesn't tell me anything. He'll only talk to my mom."

"Sorry." Henry broke open the muffin tin then. There were blue berry muffins. He got out a napkin and put a muffin on it for Josie.

"Please, don't mention this, to anyone. I don't want him mad at me. Its just..I dunno what to do." She did look like she was coming down with something, but she pinched the fresh muffin and took a taste.

"Well, he knows we're here for him. He does." Henry told her. "I remember how he was so worried about Mitch, over the summer. Even before Mitch was in the hospital. He's a good guy. He's not going to let any of this change him. He just needs some time, let it all sink in. He's going to be OK."

Josie nodded, but Henry knew Josie was letting all of Sky's troubles get the best of her.


Launna said...

I can understand where Josie is coming from, it is hard not to worry when someone you care for is dealing with difficult situations :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Josie doesn't take on too much!


Sara Gerard said...

Josie is really coming a long way. I am glad that she talked to Henry though.