Monday, October 20, 2014

here we are again

Here we go again

Nico could think of a lot of things he could be helping his mother with now, but here he was washing dishes while she was putting fresh linens on the bed where his brother would be staying. Naturally, Draco was his lazy self in the livingroom, talking about how he was going to move to Denver now. That was where the money was, in this business of his.

Nico didn't even want to hear it. He couldn't think of the last time he'd seen his little brother. They'd never been close growing up. He'd always felt closer to Sky. But then again, he was just trying to be a good uncle.

He turned to see his mother holding Lily.

"Mom, put her down." The girl was like lead and his mother looked thinner than he remembered. "We don't need you and dad in the hospital."

The kettle went off then and he made her some tea. He poured some juice for Lily and pulled out a sleeve of short bread cookies, that his Dad always had to have with his tea, or it just wasn't a tea party, according to him.

Nico didn't know if his mother knew about Sky.

"Sky, found him, you know." Nico sighed as if he'd been the bad son all along. Not checking up on his father like he should have.

His mother only nodded as she watched the tea bag dance in the hot water.

"There is only so much you can do," she said. Her sad eyes looked up at Nico, but she went to pat down Lily's messy hair.

Nico nodded.

"This won't be easy for him." She looked so grim.

"Well, it won't be easy for you, either." Nico took a sip of tea then.

"We'll see, I've been through more than enough already with your father, but I'm still here." She almost smiled.

"So, you know then..about Sky?" Nico looked at her.

About then, Draco was in the kitchen doorway.

"What about Sky?" Draco reached for a cup and got himself a brew going and came to sit at the kitchen table.

"That he's our brother." Nico looked at Draco.

"Really?" Draco looked at his mom.

"Your father, wants us to believe he has a daughter, and that's what we will keep on believing." His mother nodded.

"Wait a minute." Draco winced. "Why are you so easy on him?"

"I know how you feel. But I only believed him for a minute or two. I knew who she was the moment I met her. And yes, I was bitter..I was so bitter...for a while. And then, when the accident happened..and Rebecca lost her little girl..well.." She held her cup to warm her bony fingers. "How is Sky?"

"I dunno." Nico couldn't hold back the tears. "He won't talk to me."

"He'll come around when he's ready." She sipped her tea and got out her pad and pen. She begin to make a list for the grocery store. Some of the things were Lily's favorites. His Dad's too.


Launna said...

This family should talk more... secrets are not a good thing...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope the family turmoil comes to an end - the holidays are near.


Sara Gerard said...

They need to all have a sit-down and talk.

deb said...

The world has survived because of strong women like their mother! They take the good and the bad, yet still keep moving along for their children.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of one of my Aunts. She was married and pregnant and it turned out that my Uncle had another woman pregnant at the same time. The kids were 2 weeks apart. My Aunty loved that boy as her own. She always said it wasn't his fault. She was amazing.