Monday, October 27, 2014

Begin Again

Begin Again prt.1

"I don't think it'll work." Sky pressed his lips tight. He was pretty sure Josie's family was ready for him to go home. He'd been in their guestroom for he last couple of days, and nothing had changed.

He was furious with his mom. Yes, he wanted his..he couldn't think of him as his father..grandfather to be OK. He hadn't gotten around to see him, yet. It would be so difficult to get through it. Everything had changed.

Nico wasn't his uncle, but his brother. Nico kept calling, but Sky wouldn't take his calls. Now Camille thought it would be a good idea if Sky and his mother talked. Only, he didn't want to do it, unless Camille was there. And Camille was fine with it.

She'd made a little lunch. She said it was a snack. It looked like lunch or brunch. Quiche with all the fixings of a ladies garden event. Even strawberries on the side.

Sky eyed the clock. It was a little after ten. The doorbell rang. Camille went to get it.

Sky was thankful Josie wasn't here. He needed her, but not right now. There was this rift he needed to mend. No, it couldn't be mended. It would never be mended.

When Sky looked up, it wasn't his mother, but Nico. Of course, Nico gave him a hug and an update about their dad who would need a lot of therapy with his speech and walking. Nico's mom was with him. She was taking care of Gramps, learning ways to help with the exercise.

"He misses you." Nico told him.

Sky nodded, wishing he could be there for Gramps.

"Draco's back in town." Nico almost rolled his eyes. "Its a good thing, you don't really know. You don't want to know him." Nico always made him sound like a lazy bum, but he had a little girl. "You, would like her. She's like her mother."

Sky smiled then, thinking it would be good if he could meet them. He wanted to know his brother and his family.

"So..I'm..I'm a real uncle." He could barely breathe. Next thing he knew his mother was in the doorway and Sky froze.

Begin Again prt.2

Nico helped with the formalities. There was the cheesy quiche to eat. Josie mom had made a small feast with a fruit salad and muffins too. Nico was glad Sky had found someone to go too.

He remembered how Sky had been when Star died in the traffic accident. Sky spoke to no one for the longest time. He didn't want any of them around. Of course, Nico knew Sky's mother made him feel so bad about Star's accident.

They'd fussed then. That was probably the last time Nico had spoken to her. Now she wouldn't even look him in the eye. She was so cold. Nico could see it begin again. But all was quiet and everyone was being nice to each other.

"What do you want to talk about?" Rebecca looked at Sky as if she might allow him to ask a question.

"I dunno what  do you want me to ask?" Sky looked at her blankly, but then focused on his empty plate. "You, never wanted me to know you." He was straight lipped. "I think of all those times, you used to accuse me...of not being around enough. That I..I was always out..I dunno..doing the unthinkable..I guess...but I was always home. I was always there for Star." He squinted hard. "You, you used to say things.." His voice cracked. "You..thought I was screwing around with some girl..when I was only 13!" He shook his head. "I guess you, were the one doing those things. Not me." He took a breath then and Nico watched Sky's mother glare back at Sky . As if this was not the conversation she wanted to talk about.

"I just..want you to tell me the truth!" Sky finally blew up before she had any comeback line for him.

"You know the truth. I told you the truth." She glared more.

"Not all of it." Sky shook his head as he melted into tears. "Who? Who is that guy? Who I thought was my father..all these years!" Now he stared intensely, at his mother. Nico wanted to know too.


Launna said...

When the truth comes out, it should come out all the way... people always try to hold a part of it back, but it never works...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such an emotional time.