Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Time for a party

Time for a Party prt.1

"Its going to be fantastic." Henry looked practically like a hyania ready to pounce. He'd pushed all the furniture in his sewing room to the side. There was space. A lot of space.

There was the garage too. Oh, he was imaging it all now. His Halloween party would be something like a scene out of Breakfast at Tiffany's except more hipster.

He looked back at Leo, standing ever so close with his hands in the back pockets of his skinny jeans, as if he was ready to be the muscle to get this party going.

"I can use motion lights." Leo grinned as if this was his chance to actually be the DJ he always wanted to be.

"Use your techno pop genius, OK?" Henry tried to figure out where he'd have drinks stationed in the room. The dancing would be downstairs in the garage. "Lets make it a little French, you know." He smiled back at Leo, thinking it would be the coolest party ever.

"I can do that." Leo smiled back. He mentioned an electronic French band that Henry never heard of.

"I still can't believe my parents are letting me do this." He was laughing all over, about it. They really trusted him. "Oh, and we won't be inviting anyone who's popular.  I don't want anyone popular at this thing." He sighed.

Time For a Party prt.2

Vada thought it was a bad idea. Henry having a Halloween party. It would just be so wrong, but she had a few post cards to handout at school. She said she would. But she couldn't think of anyone to give one too. Of course, the first person she saw was Cody in the hall. He was about to kick the coke machine, but finally a canned lemonade made it to the bottom pocket for him to pick up.

"I..I don't guess you'd be interested." Vada wished she hadn't showed him the invitation. Immediately, she remembered his brother who was killed at a houseparty. She closed her eyes for a mega second, hoping nothing like that happened at Henry's party.

"A Halloween party?" Cody winced.

"Yeah, Henry is having one. You, don't have to dress up, or anything." She was almost frowning, thinking she would not go.

"Doubt I'll do anything for Halloween." He shrugged as if he wouldn't even hand out candy. She imagined him in a dark room, perhaps playing a video game.

"Maybe..maybe we should hang out. We could just stay in, at my house. Make pizza." They used to watch TV together, all the time. She thought of Star Wars and how they liked to roleplay when they were in middle school.

"That's OK."

"Did somebody say pizza!" Ruby had to be the most animated person Vada ever met. She was a Freshman and they were in Health class together.

Vada introduced Ruby to Cody.

"My brother's having a party, but I don't think either one of us feel like going." Vada shrugged as the post card dropped to the ground. They walked together down the hall. Naturally, Ruby was chatty and neither Cody nor Vada had to say much of anything.

Time for a Party prt.3

Chandler noticed the invitation on the floor. It had been stepped on a couple of times, but it didn't matter.

"Hey, I think I know what we're doing on Halloween." He smiled to Macy.

They were inseparable, lately. This boyfriend girlfriend thing was the best idea ever, Chandler decided. Sure, he had made room for his best friend in his bed. His Dad didn't care. He was hardly home since he was a truckdriver. He was glad Chandler wasn't alone. Or the relief that his son was straight, after all..thought Chandler.

"Chandler?" Macy sighed noticing all the foot track marks on it. She rolled her eyes.

"No. I'm serious. Its that dude from the library." He grinned more.

"The one you have a crush on." Macy glared as she pressed her lips.

"Don't say that." He winced, but it was true. He'd swooned over Henry all summer. He always wanted Henry to stamp his reading journal during the summer reading program. Now, he was volunteering there. Yes, this would be one step closer to his crush.

Actually, he thought he hid it pretty well until Macy brought it up. He couldn't help but to grin, all over.


Launna said...

I hope Henry's party is fun and does not get out of hand... house parties tend to do that...

I think Vada should be with her brother and help out at the party... :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Chandler doesn't wind up with a broken heart.


Sara Gerard said...

I hope the party is fun! Too bad Vada isn't going, looks like she needs some cheering up.

Ivy said...

Oh my! Let Halloween week begin!