Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It was you

It Was You prt.1

Gage wasn't sure he could fix anything in his life. Oh, that thing with baby Alec was pretty much on paper now. Yeah, he'd be working for the rest of his life, to support an infant he probably would never see.

Naturally, his dad had an answer for that, too.

"We'll get you passport in order and maybe by summer we can take a visit." No way was his Dad going to stress that Halie and the baby come here. After all, it was just a baby. They would have to visit.

Unfortunately, Gage wasn't looking forward to any of it. Wasn't it just one big long headache?

"You know, I've been thinking." He told Holden while they were in the lunch-line at school. "What if I really am having headaches? But I don't know it?"

"What are, you, talking about?" Holden winced who was still re-reading a text from his girlfriend.

"Like..I dunno. I might be dying..or I'm sick..or..something." He looked pretty disgruntled just thinking about it. "What if I have an aneurysm or something?"

"Just stop thinking about crap like that." Now Holden made a disgusting face.

"Oh..yeah..I forgot about, you, being in a coma." Gage said more to himself than Holden who wasn't paying him any mind, anyway.

Suddenly, his eyes went straight to Macy who was with Chandler. Gage couldn't help but stare.

"What are you now, a stalker?" Holden nudged him on in the line.

"Kind of," He said above a whisper. Gage couldn't take his eyes off of her. Of course, she was talking to Chandler. She never looked his way. "I gotta find a way to talk to her. I'm going to find out where she lives..and..just go to her house and talk to her." It pained him that she wouldn't talk to him. It was like he was invisible.

He nursed the corner of his lip. He needed to change this. He wanted to change this. Yeah, maybe he was giving himself a headache.

It Was You prt. 2

This had never happened to him before. Well, not in a long time. But here was a girl stuck to Cody like glue. She told him she liked to cook. Yes, she was with him at lunch. Give her and inch, she could take a mile of your time, he thought.

He sighed, hoping she didn't notice, but he sort of wanted her too. He bit into a fry as she went on talking about brownies and cookies she loved to bake.

"Have you ever had Mississippi Mud Pie?" She asked ever so bright. Of course, she wasn't eating any of her sandwich nor chips she'd brought with her.

He shook his head, no. He really didn't have the energy to talk, lately. There was Bree, but usually he didn't have to talk that much with her. As it was she was a candy stripper now and they only hung out at the hospital.

"Well, I should come over and make it for you. All I need is a brownie mix, some marshmallows and some chocolate icing." She smiled as if she knew how to get to his heart..through his stomach.

"I..I dunno." His mom didn't really cook anymore. Actually, no one did too much of anything. He wasn't sure if having Ruby over was a good  idea. There were dishes that needed to be washed. God knows, when anyone last vacuumed. He hated to tell her his home was a sad place. His mom didn't even open the curtains. No one watched TV. It was the sound of silence. They all stayed to themselves. Emotions swept through him. He pushed his plate away.

"Oh, it'll be fun. I could teach you." Her hand slipped on top of his. He felt her warmth. And he knew, he'd been waiting for a chance like this. How could he not want her attention?

"Well, we can't come to my place." She cleared her throat. "I don't cook as much as I say I do. And..and when I one will even eat it." She sighed then as she tried to eat her tuna sandwich, but she only barely took a nibble. "Its all my sisters fault." She looked so bitter.

"Your sister?" Cody winced and for a moment he wished her hand was still on top of his. He hadn't meant to upset her.

"Yes, she keeps running away. They can't even keep her locked up in rehab." She swelled a small frown as if there wasn't much anyone could do about it, but it left her family with an open wound that kept getting infected over time.

"Um.." Cody hoped he didn't regret this. "Why don't you come over." He nodded. "Its just, the place is a mess." He told her what happened to his older brother over the summer. "Its just..well, nothing is the same."

"Its OK." She looked at him as if she understood. "I could clean up the kitchen." Her smile was genuine.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

She's sweet to offer her help.


Sara Gerard said...

I am glad that she has somewhere safe to go.

Launna said...

Awe that is so sweet that she is going to go over and cook for him and clean up the kitchen for them :)

I thing Gage needs to get a handle on things... he doesn't sound good right now...

Ivy said...

Poor Gage..what will he do next. He's given up on Halie.