Thursday, October 30, 2014

its going down

Its Going Down prt.1

As soon as Jared found out about Henry's Halloween party, he was all grins.

"And to think, I was sure I'd have to tip over cows or something on Halloween." His sly grin bothered Jen. Why did she keep hanging out with him?

OK, she was still a cheerleader. He was on the football team. Icing on the cake, she supposed. But that really wasn't true. She swelled a frown, as she stood in the school hallway with her books. She was not in her protocol uniform. Maybe she should have been, but it wasn't mandatory this year. There was no Caitlin to enforce it.

"What are you talking about?" She finally asked. Oh, he did like to be seen with her, but really she had as little to do with him as possibly. Prom had been more of a wrestling match with him than anything, last year. Yes, he did have grabby hands, but she had somehow not let him crush her that night. Thank God, he'd drank too much and passed out.

She hated to see him high because the stuff he took always made him feel like a super-villain of some kind. Maybe that was why this weasel of a guy was a fear to be reckon with on the football field. She had a bad feeling about the Halloween party. No way was she going to it with him.

It's going down prt.2

"Hey, little are coming tonight, right?" Jared asked later when he was home and cornered Connor in the kitchen who was making himself a snack out of a block of cheddar and apples. Jared snatched a thin apple slice and cheese sandwich from him.

"Where?" Those innocent eyes always made him laugh, somehow. His Freshman brother was destined to walk in his steps in athletics. After all, Connor was on the JV football team and in wrestling, too. Jared had to be nice to him.

Of course, Jared always wasn't. He couldn't help but ruffle his feathers ever so often to keep him in line. Like now, Jared messed with Connor's hair which only made him bristle up like a little mad dog. Jared ate another one of his baby brother's sandwiches.

"Its Halloween, bro." There went Jared's impish smile, again. "There's a party at this super-gay dude's house. And we're gonna crash it." He snickered.

"Crash it?" Connor scrunched his nose up with distaste.

"Yeah, pump it up a notch." Jared wanted chaos. Connor only squinted as if he knew very well what his brother meant. First it started with a few little pills and then he could ramrod himself into any situation and make it spectacular.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This isn't going to end well.


Sara Gerard said...

I don't think that this party is going to be a good idea.

Launna said...

Here is a recipe for disaster... I with his parents had stayed home upstairs... I do think I am going to like the ending... xox