Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Its going down

Don't bring me down

It was kind of funny that Sky brought up Mitch last night on the phone with Nico.

"When are you going to make your move on Mitch?" Sky made it sound like Nico was going to a dance off or something.

Nico couldn't help but laugh.

"What are you talking about?" It was always best for him to act dumb about things like this. He'd never pursued anyone in his life. He didn't have too. Now that he thought on it.

Of course, most of his lovers were twice his age, as he recalled, but that was some time ago. And might not have been the best of circumstances as he'd once thought in younger days. Yes, he supposed he should have figured out what love really was then.

Things were different now. He loved his job in nursing and honestly, he hadn't actually needed anyone.

But then...

... there was Mitch, and he couldn't stop thinking about him. Especially, after what happened to Mitch over the summer.

Yes, it was lot like falling in love with a lost puppy. He knew Mitch needed his confidence back. He knew Mitch needed a friend. And that was suppose to be enough.

And when he kissed Mitch, it felt perect. And there was no turning back. He knew exactly where he wanted to be.

He sighed with happiness now, trying to think what to say or do before he ruined it. His cell went off. Nico didn't want to answer it, but it continued to play the Rocky theme song.

Mitch thought he should answer it.

He saw it was Sky.

"What's up?" Nico asked but he didn't take his eyes off Mitch.

"Its Gramps." Sky told him. "He had stroke."

its going down

Sky's eyes hurt from staring at the plain white tiles so long in the hallway at the hospital. He just couldn't shake the thought of the sad glimpse he got of his grandfather. His face drooping. He was zombie like, but he continued to stare at Sky as if he needed to tell him something.

At the moment Josie was down at the cafeteria getting coffee.

Finally, Nico showed up. He'd already talked to some nurses.

"Look, they're doing everything they can for him." Nico grabbed Sky's shoulders and then hugged him tight.

Sky hoped Nico was right. It was all so haunting now, when he thought about how he'd wanted Gramps to meet his girlfriend, finally. They were going to meet up for lunch. When he didn't show, they went to his place. Gramps didn't answer the door. They found him in his recliner with the TV on. He couldn't speak. He couldn't move.

"Look, I called my mom." Sky finally told his uncle. "I thought she should know, but it just went to voice mail."

Just then, he noticed his Mom in the hallway. It had been ages since he'd seen her. She hadn't changed a bit.

He knew Nico didn't really like his Mom, even if she was his half-sister. It had always been strange, yet Nico was always there for him.

But now she took Sky's hand and Nico's hand too. She was crying as if this was the end.

"I have to tell you something." She blurted. "I..I've put it off..far too...long." She sighed, but she looked at Nico as if she only wanted to talk to Sky alone, but he didn't budge.

"Tell me what?" Sky glared at her, knowing he needed Nico by his side. He couldn't take it, if she lashed out at him again, about his little sister. How it was all his fault about the accident.

"He's..he's not your grandfather." She winced hard. "He's your father."


Launna said...

Oh my goodness... I don't know if she should have told him that right then and there... that is a lot for him to take in... ;)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Wow! What a crazy revelation!


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