Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Its never quite as simple as it seems

Its never quite as simple as it seems

It was already October. Jen wondered where September went too. Homecoming had come and gone and she felt so different this year.

Caitlin didn't come back to cheer squad. It was weird, at first, seeing her without the uniform. Naturally, Jen asked if she was depressed. Of course, Caitlin denied it. Completely. Her brother Greyson was on a ship somewhere. Jen didn't have a dependable ride anywhere, anymore.

There was a moment she thought she wouldn't need Caitlin nor her family. Jen finally met someone to go out with.

She'd met Carly at a dance off over the summer. Of course, they were rivals on the dance floor. Still they'd managed to somehow be there for each other. Jen didn't think it much of a secret, but the more she got to know Carly, she guessed it was.

Sure, they were going to go out. Actually, date...but then it didn't happen.

Jen wanted to bring Carly to homecoming, but last minute Carly had to do something with her family.

"Its always about your family." Jen text and then felt so guilty, but she sent it to Carly. When were they ever going to be together?

Just when Jen decided she wouldn't live a lie anymore about who she wanted to be with, Carly bailed. Or so it felt like. Although, Carly would send sweet texts when she could. Of course, Jen couldn't tell anyone she really had a girlfriend..because she guessed she didn't.

"I just don't get it." Jen was so frustrated and Rossie seemed to be the only one to understand, but she was even seen less at the dance studio where Jen was helping out. At least, Jen was on the payroll now. "Why is Carly doing this to me?"

"You, don't think she is seeing somebody else?" Rossie shrugged.

"I don't think so." It didn't  feel like Carly would put her on the back burner when they first met back in early August.  It was electric. Talk about girl on fire in the heat of passion. Jen still savored the moment.

It felt they were inseparable one weekend. Actually, it was just at a meet in an old gym in the North side of town. They'd kissed, even if it were under the bleachers. Jen was so certain it would be something that would last, forever burning bright in her heart. She needed Carly.

"Maybe..maybe we're too much alike." Jen finally decided.

"Well, if you think she's worth it, you'll find a way to be together." Rossie told her.

Still, Jen felt sure it was time to give up on her.

"Did I ever make you feel this way?"  Jen squinted, as if the only refuge from the outside world was at Rossie's place.

"No." Rossie shook her head. "I did some pretty crazy things." She smiled as if she were past that now.

"Yeah, you were always on the go. I..I never really knew where you were. You, kept running away." Jen remembered.

"I had a lot of things to figure out." Rossie sighed. Now she had a full time job and did her best to watch the girls dance when she could. She left most of the coaching to Jen.

Jen noticed Rossie rubbing her full tummy then as if something might be in it. Jen couldn't help but stare.

"Are, you, going to explain that to me?" Jen looked Rossie in the eye wondering just what had she been up to this summer.


Launna said...

Love and attraction is so confusing, especially when mixed signals are sent... ;)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wonder how this will be explained. :/


deb said...

I so like that you are writing stories about this and Jen's situation with Carly. And of course, what has Rossie done this time???

ellie said...

I'm glad Rossie has Jen to talk too.