Friday, October 10, 2014

Once upon a time

Once Upon a Time

"Well, does anybody even know where Derrick is?" Josie spoke before she realized it. In her head he was in a cell in a dungeon somewhere and hadn't seen the light of day.

"Sweetie, I thought you said he was a forbidden subject? Why all the sudden is Derrick on your mind?" Camille looked at her as she was getting some red pasta sauce ready for the lassanga she was about to put in the oven.

"Its not like I miss him. I just thought you would have..." She didn't know what her mother might do.

"We couldn't have him here. He's in a correctional facility waiting for his sentence." Her lips were tight, perhaps even soured. "We decided, he'd have to do this on his own."

"Yeah, I know. And..I want him to be punished. Its just, Mom, what if..he turns into this lifer or something?" Josie squinted hard. Yes, there was so much she hated about Derrick, but they used to be friends. Then they weren't. She thought he'd changed when he was with Mitch.

"Maybe..maybe he'll get an education ..if nothing else." She went to check on the noodles and stirred up the cottage cheese concoction as she set out to put the lassanga in the casserole dish.

Josie watched.

Derrick loved her mother's lassanga. Josie went to the fridge to think about a salad for supper, but it wasn't needed just yet.

"So how is that boyfriend of yours?" Her mother asked.

Josie turned to her mother to give her a peeved stare. She sighed.

"Sky is not my boyfriend." She informed her.

"So, you're telling me, you made up with Dean." Her mother was busy with the gooey dish.

Josie sighed heavily, again.

"You know, he's not my boyfriend." She gritted. Yes, it had been so hard seeing Dean with that girl named Brad, but he was happy. and it was enough to see him happy. Of course, this Brad was very confident and she had a lot of confidence in Dean too. She would look out for him. She could see a potential in Dean that Josie had never even noticed.

"Besides, he's staying in Texas to be a nurse now. A surgeon's nurse." Josie informed her mother.

"They must have been impressed with him." Her mother smiled.

She knew she should have had this conversation with her weeks ago. But she really wasn't talking to Sky lately, either. They'd found other things to occupy their time. Yeah, maybe he was her boyfriend, after all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Josie is truly maturing.


Ivy said...

She is truly growing up. Still, I hope she and Sky will have more dialogue. Especially, where their relationship might be going.

Sara Gerard said...

I think her mom is trying here, maybe they need to talk more?

Launna said...

I want to see more of Josie with Sky... I also like that Josie is talking to her a mom... even if it's only a little... :)