Saturday, October 11, 2014

The worst of it

The worst of it

As Shan thought back on it now, it seemed the tornado was the beginning of bad things to come. A day or so later, after the catastrophe at Topher's house came news of Bree's mother being in a fatal accident in New York City.

Now, there were more pieces to pick up. Of course, Shan and Bree's dad wasn't sober for any of it. And they were still having to depend on Fish's family for a lot.

There were decisions to make and no way was their father fit to take care of Bree.

"I just wish..there was something else ..we could do." Shan was tired and wished he didn't have college classes and work to go too.  There was talk of Bree going to live with her mother's family in Connecticut.

Bree insisted she didn't know them. And begged not to go.

Shan thought he might lose it yet if it, weren't for his boyfriend's family. Shan was sad about his step-mother just as much as Bree, but of course, he wouldn't let it show.

"You know, you're too much like your dad." Fish finally told him after Shan stomped around in the bathroom having a fit.

"I'm not like him, at all!" Shan was not humored by Fish's observation. A part of him just wanted to be alone, but he needed Fish.

"If..if you just weren't in school..we..we could just..." Shan was ready to let it all go.

"Oh, not running away from this." Fish informed him it would just take time. After all, Shan had a little sister to console. Of course, Shan squinted so, as if he was not what Bree needed.

"We will get through this. You'll see." Of course, Shan wanted more than a hug from Fish.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

They'll make it through.


Launna said...

I do hope Shan makes it through and Bree needs him...

Ivy said...

I'm glad Shan's got Fish.