Thursday, October 2, 2014

One way or another

One Way Or Another

"So what does this make me? In all of this?" Henry asked as he tried to make out what the baby looked like on Josie's iPhone. Naturally, Sky's chin was almost on Josie's shoulder as he was giving her a backside hug at the end of the counter, out of a patron's eye view. Henry eyed them both thinking, Josie had a lot of explaining to do. But right now it was all about Halie's baby.

She almost hit him in the arm and Henry couldn't help but laugh, as if he needed to be the center of attention.

"Right? You are a cousin uncle? Or uncle cousin. I dunno." She smirked.

"Well, Gage is my cousin." Henry sighed as he studied the picture. "I don't ever remember meeting her when she was here." He squinted.

"She's Jules' sister." Josie explained as she leaned on the library counter, looking as if she was enjoying ever moment with Sky even if it were almost closing time.

"Right?" Henry squinted, trying to think who Josie was talking about.

"The Campus Coffee shop, where I work?" She hinted.

"Oh..him." He laughed again thinking how small the world really was and how everything connected. "Did she name it, yet?"

"I don't think so." Josie shrugged.

"But Gage knows? Doesn't he?" Henry glared at Josie.

"Well." She bit her bottom lip.

"Just text me the picture and I'll send it to my Mom and Gage's Dad." He'd fix this.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I hope he truly is able to fix this.


Sara Gerard said...

I hope so!

Launna said...

I think Gage's father can help with this... I hope so...

Launna said...

I think Gage's father can help with this... I hope so...