Friday, October 3, 2014

And then

And Then

Gage knew he was wrong. So wrong to flat out lie to his dad. But it came so natural. It did at that moment when his Dad asked about Halie and the baby. But it was hurtful. Of course, he didn't mean it, but he couldn't explain it.

Now his dad thought he was mental. He wasn't. He was in control. Always.

Sure it was a let down and wondering just how he was going to get through this. Well, he would just shut them out. Swell a frown and go on with it. Work.

Of course, he couldn't quite do that with chatterbox Macy. To please her, he supposed. He'd gone to her open mic night like she'd asked, a few days ago.

It was horrible. No one laughed. It was actually sad. Who in the world did she think she was?

"Well, you were not funny." He couldn't help but rub it in. She hadn't asked for his advice, but she'd bugged him about it, Holden too.

Now that shut her up. They were suppose to be working, but she always found something to talk about.

He was halfway listening, as usual, how there weren't that many female comedians  around. Gage kept watching her mouth move. He was tired of this. He looked at the clock. Their shift was over, and they went to the breakroom. They were alone now.

He honestly couldn't wait to change his shoes. His feet were so tired and he stank of sausage and pepperoni mingled with yeast.

He watched her tear off the hairnet. Sometimes, when he looked at her, she didn't seem nearly as grownup as she looked. She was such a foreign creature to him. Perhaps from another world.

She was still talking. He sighed. Before he knew it his hands came around the back of her neck and he was kissing her. It was more than just a kiss. It was finding out what she was made of, perhaps. If..she could keep up with him.

She smiled as if she'd been waiting for the moment to arrive for weeks now. And she let him taste her strawberry lip gloss. He could have fallen asleep doing this. But his phone buzzed. It woke him up. It pulled them apart.

Naturally, her pretty catlike eyes stared intently into his.

He noticed it was a text from Josie. And there was a picture. He had a new iPhone, thanks to his Dad's new phone plan.

Gage couldn't take his eyes off the pink little thing with his lids closed as if it wanted to go back to the womb. And there was Halie's smile, ever so endearing.

"What is it?" Macy wanted to know.

"A baby." He just said. "My baby."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a breakthrough for Gage!


Ivy said...

Poor Macy.

Launna said...

It's good that Gage was honest to Macy... this is a big mess though...