Saturday, October 4, 2014

underneath it all

Underneath it all part.1

Macy let the warm water of the bathtub wash over her as she let the water pool over her face when she sank down, looking at the ceiling of the well lit bathroom. There were soft clouds painted on the light blue ceiling. She'd never noticed before.

"What are doing in there?" Chandler wanted to know. There was just a shower curtain between them. He was sitting cross-legged on the tiled floor doing homework. "Don't you even think about going to sleep."

She moved back up for air. She liked seeing how long she could hold it. Maybe next year she could be a lifeguard at the pool. She liked to swim.

"I'm not." She practically wailed. Chandler told her to be quiet. No one was even in his house but the two of them. Still, he didn't like it when she came over to bath. She knew, but he let her because it was the only bath she would get after work.

She debated about telling him about Gage and the baby.

Macy suds up and left a tiny bit of conditioner in her hair.

"You're being so quiet. You, have to tell me everything." He pestered her by poking his pencil on the blue floral shower curtain.

"What's the point?" Really, there was nothing to say because she didn't know what to say when Gage told her about the baby. Now she felt as if a huge piece of concrete was lodged in her throat. She could barely speak. "You, don't like Gage anyway."

"Of course, I don't, but its not gonna stop you from ..doing..whatever it is are doing with him." He sighed a bit restless.

She pulled back the curtain a little and propped her chin under her hands on the side of the tub.

"You, won't like it." She frowned as if she felt her face would flood with tears.

"Of course, I won't. I don't even know what you see in him." Chandler's shaggy honey hair fell into his eyes. She was pretty sure he didn't care if he saw her naked or not.

"He's got a baby." She could barely breathe, thinking how cruel the world really was to her.

"What did, you, say? When, you, found out?" Chandler wanted to know

"Nothing." She barely managed to say.

"See. You, have to stay away from him. It could be you, Macy." Chandler was serious.

She pulled the curtain back in place and rinsed off with the wash cloth.

"Get out." She just said. She was crying.

"What?" Chandler's voice sounded hurt.

"Just get out." She felt as if she was pleading. "I have to change."

"Oh." He sounded as if he'd forgotten he was in the bathroom with her.

Underneath it all prt. 2

"Where are you going?" Chandler asked a few minutes later when Macy was in his jeans and Tee. She'd taken one of his flannel shirts. She didn't look ready for bed.

"Down by the railroad tracks." She shrugged. She'd talked about the camp before. Funny, how she was running away from her crazy grandmother to be with people who were just  as weird. It wasn't safe.

"You know, how cold its getting." He reminded her.

"Good sleeping weather." She smiled as if she'd been through worse.

"Just..where..where do you sleep?" He winced. She would never really tell him. Macy did have a way of worrying him.

She always let him keep her money. Macy was saving up to be on her own.

"Macy." Chandler looked at her. He knew she thought he talked too much about himself. And that might be true. But he knew she was upset. Upset about Gage.

"Don't go." He hugged her. "I don't like seeing you this way."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

She's lucky to have him.


Launna said...

I think Macy should talk about it... running away won't help anything....