Sunday, October 5, 2014

To have and to hold

To have and to Hold

Really, Halie could use some sleep, but even when she closed her eyes, she knew she wanted to be awake.

Yes, she was truly so tired and yet felt so much stronger in the long run. Oh, it was sweet to have Josie there, even if it were facetime on the phone.

"I couldn't have gotten through it, without you." She smiled now as she tried to balance the baby in one arm and hold the phone in the other, while in the hospital bed.

They'd had to take the baby by c-section. She was certain her body was wrecked for good even if her mom kept telling her it was only a little cut way below her belly button.

Honestly, though, Halie didn't care. She was happy the baby was OK.

"So what are, you going name him?" Josie wanted to know.

"I dunno. Maybe Graham. That was my grandfather's name. My mother feels guilty that she never named Jules after him, because she was so mad at him." Halie shrugged.

"Well, what does that have to do with you? You name him? He's your baby." Josie reminded her.

"I know. I'm really too tired to even think." She sighed with sleep in her eyes. "He's just so, big, you know. Really, I don't mind him at all. I was so sure if ..if he were really tiny, I doubt I could touch him. But..but the truth is, he's mine and well, you know..HE'S MINE." She sighed with happiness.

Of course, she almost woke him up by that last sentence. Still, he cuddled to her as if she were the only one he needed.

She knew Josie was right. He was her baby, and well, she didn't much care what Gage thought. She was still bitter as what he'd said. She didn't want to lose her baby, and she vowed never to speak to him, again.

She looked at the fare haired baby that was practically bald. His tender eyelids slept soundly and his little mouth nursed in bliss.

"Lets see, Alec. Yes, that's it. Alec with a C." She beamed then. "Guess, I'll go for Graham as a middle name."

She'd decided. And Josie was the first to know.


Launna said...

I wonder how Gage will feel when he realizes that Halie doesn't want him anymore... I am glad that she named her own baby and not what other people wanted...

Ivy said...

I am glad Halie named the baby what she wanted.

Anonymous said...