Friday, October 24, 2014

steady as you go

Steady as you Go

As if Jules didn't have his hands full at home with Willow and their baby girl Lizzie, he was now suppose to fix this with Halie and Gage, over the computer.

"Mum, just listen, we're not taking anyone to court." He whisper shouted. Gage and his Dad were waiting to start a conversation on SKYPE, but he needed to talk to his mother first before she went off the deep end, about how Gage's family needed to take some responsibility in this too.

"Why didn't we do this months ago?" She was angry. Still the doctor bills weren't exactly out of hand. After all, she helped young and single mothers everyday where she worked. Liz knew the system. Now it was keeping a steady schedule of child support.

"Because, his father didn't know, and Halie wasn't exactly on top of this, either." Jules sighed. "Mum, please behave yourself. Will, you now?"

Her smug look didn't give Jules any hope.

Finally, Gage and his Dad gathered around the laptop. Jules could see his mother finally ease into a smile. Then, she let Halie in with the baby, who was sleeping.

"Isn't this nice." Gage's Dad beamed, all smiles. "Getting us all together."

Of course, Gage was even lipped and stiff. He wasn't saying anything. Jules supposed the grandparents would do all the talking. Halie wouldn't even look at Gage, she kept her eye on the sleeping baby.


Launna said...

This just sounds awkward... I hope someone talks soon... and no one should let Gage off the hook for lying about Hallie losing the baby when she didn't .....

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm confident the baby will bring everyone together - in time.