Thursday, October 23, 2014

Suddenly Last Summer

Suddenly...Last Summer

"Practically, everyone thinks I'm a Senior." Vada didn't look all that happy about it as she stared at Alo on FACE TIME.

She was home from school, but didn't feel like doing homework yet.  Still, she didn't have much to tell him about her boring day. However, she longed for these moments to see his face and hear his voice. She missed him so much. Although, she tried not to show it.

"You, don't look that old." He promised.

She wanted to talk about something in Paris, but she knew that was just the past, not the present. Besides, the modeling gig hadn't really panned out. It probably was just a hoax. She now thought. She didn't really get anything out of. Supposedly, she was on some flyer that Marco gave to some buyers about his day dresses. It was best not to bring that up. It would only make her wish she'd tried harder or maybe try to find a way to model here, but she was pretty much grounded for life.

"I dunno." She shook her head, thinking the friends she had just weren't all that close to her this year. Josie was a mute subject. She rarely crossed her path and Essie graduated. Luna really wasn't herself either.

"I..I haven't really talked to this ..well, old friend of mine." She didn't know why she brought up Cody. "His brother was killed in a houseparty shooting. I never knew Van. I mean, he really never was around. He was this jock and all, and he was kind of jerk around Cody." She remembered. "Anyway, this friend of his stopped me in the hall today. Asked me if I'd seen Cody, lately. He's worried about him. He's afraid..he's fallen in with the wrong crowd." She sort of laughed. "I mean, what can I do about that?"

"It does sound like troubling." There was Alo's impish grin. He talked of Benji then. Benji was in jail in Barcelona on drug charges. "Now that's trouble. I'm not even sure how my Dad's going to get him out." He mentioned how his older brother offered for him to come to the States.

This suddenly sparked Vada's interest.

"It might not be until next year." He shrugged as if not to get her hopes up.


Launna said...

I want Alo to be able to come to the states... I think he would be good for Vad :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope they can do something for him sooner!


Ivy said...

I'm glad they are keeping in touch,

Sara Gerard said...

Long distance relationships can be so hard!