Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Happy Thanksgiving to you too

a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too prt.1

Rossie took another deep breath and waited. Was she really going to do this? Right now?

If he saw her. He would know.

She nursed her bottom lip, thinking it was taking too long. The group home knew she was coming. It was weeks ago when her boss scheduled the privilage.

"Maybe..this will make him see what the future holds." Zane's words still sounded like a pledge she wasn't sure would work.

Derrick was taking classes now. In computers. As in taking them apart and putting them back together.

It made her sad to think it had come to this. He'd always been so promising when it came to music. Did he ever play the guitar, anymore?

She thought she was going to be sick or just in tears. The waiting was God awful long. Then she felt the baby move. The door opened and it was Derrick.

He was in some brown cheap suit with a gold plaid shirt underneath.

"What happened to you?" He winced as if this were a cruel joke.

She didn't have a comeback. Why did she ever think she could take him anywhere on Thanksgiving?

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too prt.2

Camille knew it was last minute. What was she thinking? They had strict rules where they were keeping Derrick. All she wanted to give him was a pecan pie. She knew he loved it over pumpkin, especially on Thanksgiving.

She'd came alone. Didn't even tell anyone before dinner that she was hoping to see Derrick. But he wasn't here.

"He didn't escape, did he?" Surly, they would have called her, but then again, she wasn't keeping up with him, lately. She knew he was in a group home of sorts.

She got a chuckle at the lady at the desk.

"I think he's seeing family." The woman smiled.

"Really?" This was news to Camille. She gave the pie to the woman. Told her it wasn't just for Derrick. Camille was thanked.

On the way out, Camille noticed Derrick across the parking lot. The freezing wind chilled Camille to the bone. She couldn't stand to watch for too long. He was with someone Camille had never seen  before. They were getting into an old car and the pregnant girl was driving.

Camille sighed, wondering what other life was Derrick leading.

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