Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Oh, like a new winter's tale

Oh, like a new winter's tale

Was it almost Thanksgiving? Ruby didn't care.

She thought of how awful she felt when she fled to the Girl's restroom at the high school during the craft show and had a good cry over Cody's harsh words. She knew he was too good to be true.

They didn't care about her at home. No. No one said much when she was there. In fact, she never spoke at home, and it would be another empty holiday where no one did a thing.

It felt good to cry about it, again. In bed. At home. Alone.

She didn't really mind the tears. When her head stopped up, she panicked. She could hardly breathe. But she'd ran home that cold day and took refuge in her room with her favorite CARE BEAR. She hugged him tight.

And then it came back to her, she'd hugged Cody tight that day, too.

He'd came over. He knocked on the door, profusely. Finally, she stomped down the stairs. Cause nobody was home, and she was really going to say some evil things to him. But he looked sad. And then it happened.

It was kind of fuzzy where it happened. She kissed him hard. Like he would, when he wanted her to shut up. She never said a word to him. After awhile, they wore each other's lips out. And then she almost bit him on the neck and that was an invitation for something else.

It was only a love mark. He gave her one, right back, and she stuck her tongue in his ear, but he was squeamish. They kissed back to how they started. Like a heavy duty scene from a sexy soap opera,

They made it upstairs to her room. The final destination. Oh, she didn't want to think about how clumsy he was, nor how she bumped him on the forehead, and him panting, like maybe he was not of this world, after all.

Vampire. Werewolf. Merman. Oh, he wasn't sparkling, but if felt absolutely magical. But it was no video game.

Just what sort of tricks did she have up her sleeve? He liked her better in her underwear.

Oh, she drew a  frown now. She was suppose to be sad. Mad. Angry with her parents.

She hugged her CARE BEAR. She ignored their voices from downstairs. The place could be on fire. And she wasn't going anywhere. She was still in the middle of her misery, even if it had subsided for about an hour. Maybe.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Ruby.


ivy said...

Hopefully, both of them will think about this..more than just the physical part. So young and tragic.