Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Doubtfully so

doubtfully so prt.1

"So do you like the new place?" Syreeta wanted to know.

It caught Bree off guard. Or maybe it was the snow. Winter finally arrived.

Bree was surprised to see Syreeta show up at the house. Of course, they weren't alone. It was after school and Conner was microwaving s'mores.

"Uh, yeah..its good." She smiled as she showed her to the kitchen. There was a boiling teapot. Bree got out the tea-bags and got the tea party started. She introduced her to Conner who was more of a lump than anything as he stood there waiting for the marshmellow to melt on the chocolate. After all, he had been out shoveling the driveway for Uncle Rowdy.

"How have you been?" Bree noticed something different about her, but she didn't think Clive had anything to do with it.

"There was the craft show." She grinned.

"Did I miss that?" Bree hated that she'd been a no show. Instead, she'd watched Conner play his video game here and later they watched a marthon of Dance Academy and finally that Saturday afternoon when the last of the leaves were golden..Uncle Rowdy made them ride their bikes around the block. It was getting cold, even then, too cold for bike riding.

She let Syreeta gush about who she'd met.

"God, I must have talked to Keith..for hours. I mean, I didn't go home until it was almost dark. He had this old guitar in the trunk of his car and well, we...Yeah, I sang with him. We were out by the soccer field far from the library. Hopefully, no one heard us."

"Well, that's great." Bree asked if they'd dated long.

"No. I just met him. Is it weird? Am I weird?" Syreeta winced as if she didn't do things like this.

"No." Bree slightly laughed as she looked over her shoulder and saw Conner was messy with s'mores. She sighed. Oh, they'd never do anything romantic like that in a million years. He was just hiding here. She had come to that conclusion. No way, would he ever break her heart.

Doubtfully so prt. 2

Martha couldn't help but smile when she got the phone call from Abel. Her cell never rang. She almost didn't know how to answer it.

"Did it snow?" He wanted to know.

"Uh-huh." She looked out the front window. It was a winter wonderland. Of course, it was Effy out front shoveling the drive.

"We did too!" He told her about the snowball fight he had with both his Dads and and how they were building him a snow fort. "You, have to come and see it, before it melts."

"I doubt it will melt anytime soon." It was all of 6 degrees outside.

He talked about Thanksgiving. "You, should come. You, could bring your boyfriend."

"Oh, I..I think I better stay here." She thought of Garvin. Did Abe think they were still seeing each other? "Beside, I don't think your Uncle Garvin would want to see me." She did feel bad for saying no to his plan, but she knew if she said yes it would be like going to a horribly long movie that went no where. Then she'd be claustrophobia, a panic attack might set in. It was best if she stayed right here.

"I'm not talking about Uncle Garvin," Abel said, "That other guy. You know, Brice."

"Brice?" She didn't think Abel knew his name. "Oh, he's busy. He's so busy." She didn't know if that were true. She didn't care to know. Besides, they worked together and she saw him enough.

"But can't you just ask him? Ask him to our house for Thanksgiving?" Abel practically begged.

"Oh, Abel." She loved the sweetness in his voice, but she'd never given in to that sort of thing. She felt certain she was just a little too old for any sort of romance. Besides, she needed to be here for Effy. They'd manage through Thanksgiving, somehow.


Launna said...

Ellie, I am going to be taking a two week blog break... I will miss your blog while I am gone... when my exam is over I will be back... I will have to catch up on all your posts so I can stay current with all the stories xox... Have a lovely week, see you when I get back ;)

ellie said...

Thank you so much for your comments and being here. All the best on your exam and your studies.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope they manage to have a magical Thanksgiving.