Monday, November 24, 2014

Just another cold sunny day

Just another cold sunny day prt.1

"I think I'm OK." Sky wasn't sure who he was saying it for. His counselor or just for himself or maybe..maybe it was for Josie. He had to be OK. Things were not that bad.

"I mean, I just had to ride it out." He winced as if maybe he was fully recovered. "I mean..its not like I was suicidal or anything." He wanted to clarify. They had his records. They knew what happened when his little sister died and the disaster with a so called girlfriend that didn't turn out to be much of  a friend.

"I just like to be in control." He sighed. "I guess that's it. And can't be in control..of everything." He sat there on the white clinical couch. He wondered how they kept the place so clean. It didn't feel real. It was like he was asleep and when he'd wake up, he'd find it was all a dream. This could be a dream.

Yes, he took his med. He forged on. Everything was tasteless and numb and what if he was worse off now, than before?

" long do you think I'll be on ..this stuff?" He asked.

"Why? What wrong?' The counselor wanted to know. She wasn't even the doctor he was seeing. She was helping him out because of his large work load. She'd get back to him on that. With a nod she scratched down his question.

"Nothing." Sky looked up blankly at the thin woman in heavy glasses. Everything had to be all right. It had to be. There were a lot worse off people. He was just being silly. That's what this was. Yes. Stupid. An idiot.

Oh, didn't they know..he didn't want to trouble the world with much of anything. But he wasn't sure he could be the boyfriend that Josie wanted him to be. Not at the moment. Anyway.

Just another cold sunny day prt.2

It was Willow's idea that Josie go to the craft store with her. She didn't feel that comfortable going out into the cold with her new baby Lizzy. She knew, winter was coming. And as cold as it was out, it would get in snow, ice and frigid temps.

"I dunno." Josie didn't sound too excited about chunky yarns.

"What's wrong with you? You, love to crochet." Willow still  had the slouchy hat that Josie made for Jules, oh so long ago.

"Maybe..maybe I'm growing up." Josie was so solemn.

"Don't say that. You, need to keep this gift, you, are so good at." That's when Willow suggest they sale some of her circular scarves and hats at the coffee shop. "Christmas will be here before you know it, and you're an artist."

So off they went to the craft store, Josie didn't think she would care for any of it, but once she could touch the textures and oogle over the colors, her imagination popped with ideas. Oh, the things she could do. Yes, Willow was getting her excited about making warm items with yarn. Perhaps, it was nice to take a break from worrying about Sky.


Launna said...

I hope Sky and Josie can work it out... I really like these two togethr...

deb said...

I love the fact that Josie has a friend who wants her to keep creative.

Ivy said...

Oh, I think Josie needs to do her own thing. Especially, if it will her to keep worrying from Sky all the time.