Sunday, November 23, 2014

oops..I did it again

Ooops ... I did it again

Syreeta watched the pain in Ruby's face as she went off on her own.

Syreeta really didn't want to get into it with Cody. After all, people were already wanting coffee. Angie was busy getting the bakery treats from Oliver's to the people who were lining up. Syreeta went to help.

A part her felt like a ghost herself, lately. Why did she feel so sad? She hadn't lost herself completely with Clive.

Yes, she almost did the unthinkable with Clive in her room, of all places. But in the end, it hadn't happened. She didn't give in, and now he was an iceberg  as if she was poison that he didn't want a thing to do with.

So it was over. She guessed. He was silent and she felt as if she was guilty of something. She frowned then. Not thinking she needed to put any emotion into this little gig at the Craft Show.


But she wasn't listening.


Oh, the voice could be for anyone. She was busy making correct change and handing over the huge muffins and stuffed danish.

"I REMEMBER YOU." He pointed then. His smile was broad and he looked like somebody from a movie, perhaps. But he didn't wear iconic clothes and his dirty blond hair was a mess. "You, were in that band. And you can sing."

"Uh," Oh, she didn't want to smile. Thinking, this was kind of like a Greyson moment. Older guy, probably not even her type. "Yeah." She cut him off. Asked him if he was interested in a pastry.

He said, no. "I'll take a coffee. Just black."

"Its just black." She pointed to the table, if he needed anything special in it.

"Look, um.." He bit his bottom lip for a moment. "I don't mean to make you nervous. But could we talk?"

She looked up at him as if he were an open window of some kind. She wrote down her cell number on the Styrofoam cup.

"I..I was just wondering when..when you might have a break?" His grin was open. He seemed happy to have her number.

"I'll be here until one." She almost winked. No one said anything about breaks.

"I'm Keith." He then said. "Guess, I'll see you one."

Syreeta felt faint as he walked away.

"What just happened?" She asked Angie in the lull that was setting in. Even if there were people waiting to be waited on.

"Do you want me to pinch you?" Angie elbowed her as if to wake her up. Things were busy at the Craft Show.

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Launna said...

Hmm... she definitely might need to be pinched... interesting xox